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Heller you think your so bad

Prototype 2 reviewed by Doc D Strange

First off, this review is just from the short period of time that I played of this superbly awful game. The reason behind me not finishing Prototype 2 is because I just got so bored playing it that I just decided I've had enough with it. I always finish the games that I review but if the MBG (Micro Brew Gamer) stops playing your game half way through, then that really says alot about your game. Damn wish I would have thought of this not finishing a game cause it's garbage earlier (Operation Raccoon City).


Fuck you, mother fucker!
Fuck you, mother fucker!

I think if I was 14 again I would have liked this game alot more. Having said that, the game begins where the first game left off. Alex Mercer (Prototype 1) has become a huge threat to the military and a seedy corporation called Blackwatch. With a name like Blackwatch you just know they're the bad guys right? NYC is still a virus covered city full of three types of enemies military grunts, Blackwatch goons/mutants and infected monsters/zombies. You play as James Heller, a real piece of shit character who think Alex Mercer killed his wife and daughter. So what does James do? he says fuck way too much to the point where it makes the game seem just lazy.... SHIT! Everyone in the game says fuck too much. Heller fights Mercer and Mercer beat's him then tells Heller that he's working for the bad guys and they join forces to destroy Blackwatch. Oh and Heller gets crazy virus powers like Mercer. Prototype 2's story is just a big hot jumbled mess of "HEY! that would be a cool thing to put in the story because it's sooo bad ass!" I really believe the developers of this game used the words "bad ass" to describe there game a whole hell of alot.

Prototype 2 is an open world game where the character you play as has god like powers, that is if god was a crazy armblade, tentaclehand dude in the sky that say's fuck alot. this is where Prototype 2 gets really boring, the missions vary from go to this place on the map shape-shift into a guard, do/get said objective fight guards then leave the alert status by shape-shifting into guard away from hot zone. Then do that same thing for the rest of the game I presume. Prototype 2's camera is awful but yet better than the first game when you lock-on to enemies. There's really no challenge to the game also, just mash on the X or Y buttons and you do just fine. The game has a leveling system to become more of a "bad ass" but gaining more XP is by doing tedious tasks that fall flat after about three times. The only gameplay parts I had fun with was the flying and running up buildings.


Thinking back to how the graphics looked in the original Prototype, the sequel looks better but not by leaps and bounds. The draw distance is still crap and the character models look just messy. I still appreciate how the shape-shifting looks though. At the start of a mission or at the end are these full motion video cut scenes which don't look too bad and tell more of the lackluster story.

Ah shit that's fucked up!
Ah shit that's fucked up!

The audio in Prototype 2 is forgettable. The voice acting is fuck, fuck, fuck and more fuck. Even the priest Heller gets his mission's from says fuck all the time. There might be more fucks in this game then the movie Scar Face.

Is this game any fun

Well, if you consider a childish story engaging and boring gameplay fun and laugh at the word fuck or think the word fuck used all the time makes the character hard then hell yes this game is fun!

Beer of the Review

Drink it, I dare you.
Drink it, I dare you.

Ummm... shit I don't know. I have been drinking alot of Mojo IPA lately cause it's a great beer. I know I put this brew in a review already but I guess it's just that tasty. check it out at www.boulderbeer.com

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