chilipeppersman's Prototype 2 (PC) review

Mediocrity at its best

Ill just start out saying I dont do this review thing much anymore, but I couldnt hold myself back from commenting on the new game, Prototype 2. Its hard not to talk about this game as there was much controversy about all the layoffs from radical and whatnot. That doesnt explain why they put out such a blatant rehash of the first. It feels more like Prototype 1.5 then a full sequel.

Radical improved the visuals, made the gameplay smoother, and difficulty more balanced out. Unfortunately, that is where the improvements end. The game is composed of you doing the same thing over and over. Its go here, kill that, go there, sit through a boring cutscene, rinse, wash, repeat. This game is the perfect example of why the gaming industry is so stale right now. Its because games like this are released, with no creativity, and not much story. There is no payoff for playing this game, and I couldnt force myself to beat it. The structure of the game itself is solid and smooth, but Radical needed to have some more fun with the game, like maybe give you at least some wacky stuff to do in the city? THe game just comes off as disappointing, and a missed opportunity. Heres to hoping the gaming industry can learn from its mistakes


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