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It's There just too much...

Its interesting when you can make a game like prototype, but it suffers from horrible lack of polish, and seems undone. The game was designed well, the story was there, gameplay, unfortunately the graphics and overall presentation of this game falls to be near a fail. The frame rate on this is horrible, and there's just too many pop ups, and it makes the world of Prototype look ugly, not that it isn't with the war in the city, but you know... it doesn't work. Prototype has a huge city, and it needed to shrink it to a smaller size to have the details there, but again... The gameplay in other words is amazing, theres plenty of combos to go around, and it's phenomenal of the amount of missions to accoplish, but then gives the feel that the game might have overstayed it's welcome. You wonder that the only great thing about the combat here is how you can shape shift and take the bodies of ohters, but again the bad part is how they literally F'ed up the camera and seems that it's too much on the screen.The character models are well done, but nothing great here, but the best part is basically the cutscene which are near perfected. this a game that should be played by fans of just killing people and and smashing things, it's almost an improved clone of the Incredible Hulk.

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