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Developed by German manufacturers Heckler and Koch in the 1970s, the PSG1 (Präzisionsschützengewehr, meaning "Precision Shooting Rifle" in German) is featured in many video games. It is one of a subset of sniper rifles that is semi-automatic, rather than using a bolt action. It is illegal to import the rifle in the United States, making its price enormously high and the number of rifles extremely limited within the country.


Grand Theft Auto

A useable PSG1 appeared in the PS2 release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but in all other versions of the game, the same weapon was named ".308 Sniper".

The GTA IV variant, called the Combat Sniper, is also an imitation of the PSG1 with a different name.

Metal Gear Solid

Sniper Wolf and her PSG1

One of the more famous uses of the PSG1 sniper rifle occurs in the first Metal Gear Solid. After the Psycho Mantis boss battle, Meryl and Snake must travel toward the underground base. On their way, Meryl is hit by the expert marksman Sniper Wolf, who carries a PSG1 herself. She is left lying in the passage while Snake is able to escape behind a wall. Knowing of the impending trap, Snake is advised to retreat so he to does not get picked off by Wolf. Snake must then travel back to the armory where the PSG1 can be found on the second floor of the Tank Hangar. After picking up the sniper and arriving back at the underground passage, Meryl is gone and the boss fight between Solid Snake and Sniper Wolf ensues.

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