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The game is unusual for a fighter, in that battles take place in the air whilst the characters levitate, giving the player 360 degrees of movement. Fights take place within a large transparent cube that designates the level boundaries; however these can smash when an opponent is defeated. There are only three attack buttons in the game; a quick attack, a heavy smash attack, and an energy blast. The three of these can be combined to create simple combos.

The fighting also has a strong emphasis on special projectile attacks, the use of which consumes energy from a power bar that recharges while the character is motionless. While the fighting may seem simplistic, a greater priority in the gameplay is usually given to timing and avoiding these special moves.


The game features eight characters, each of whom fight using a specific element -

  • Burn Griffths - Psychic element: Fire
  • Keith Evans - Psychic element: Ice
  • Wendy Ryan - Psychic element: Wind
  • Emilio Michaelov - Psychic element: Light
  • Sonia - Psychic element: Electricity
  • Brad Kilsten - Psychic element: Gravity
  • Richard Wong  - Psychic element: Time
  • Gates Oltsman - A Cyborg who uses technological weapons to fight
  • Rokudo Genma - A japanese warrior who fights using magic

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