Everyone should play this game

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I think a lot of people (myself included) missed out on this game for whatever reason. I know alot of people turn their noses up to previous gen games (again myself included) but this game is fantastic. I bought it awhile ago when it was $2 on steam but never got around to playing it. Then my gaming PC died. I bought a new one and after three weeks the motherboard crapped out on me. While I wait to get it fixed I decided to play through some of the older steam games I had boughten that would run well on my old computer. I was always kind of interested in Pychonauts so I started with it and WOW.  
The game blows me away. It manages to be consistently funny, which is something very few games can pull off, and is a blast to play. There is so much variety to the levels it never really gets old. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun playing a game and it really reinforces the fact that we don't need a new generation of consoles we just need better games. I enjoyed playing Psychonauts as much or more than most of the so called AAA current gen titles. The lungfish level is probably my favorite level from any videogame I've ever played.   
It's also too bad this came before achievements because collecting stuff in this game is actually fun but I had a hard time because of the need for achievement points that's been drilled into my brain. 
I'll admit it's not a perfect game. It has the same annoying problems that any platformer has and this gets particularly annoying later on in the game but you can't go wrong buying this for $10 on steam and I think it's available on demand on the 360.  
This is a super slow time of year for games. GO PLAY PSYCHONAUTS you wont regret it.

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I tried to play it, but i found it to be very boring. I am sure i would enjoy it if i gave it more time since double fine makes great games, but it couldn't hold my attention. 

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*Looks at topic*      Yes

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This is definitely one game I always meant to get around to play, but never did.

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I thought it was pretty boring actually.

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I agree, LOVED this game back then. It's my most favourite 3d platformer that doesn't have the name "Mario" in it.

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I second this... PLAY PSYCHONAUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I disagree. I played it in April last year for the first time and it was definitely good, but there really were a bunch of issues, mainly relating to the gameplay. Yes, it was funny, had great characters and interesting environments. But, so did Day of the Tentacle and that didn't involve excessive item collection, frustrating platforming and annoying controls. Anyway, my point is, it was a nice game, but it's not really an "everyone should play this game" game. 
Also, Lungfishopolis was awesome.

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Fucking A

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Hm, I bought this game during the Steam sale too but never got around to playing it. How are the controls? I remember being bummed that Prince of Persia (the first GC/PS2/Xbo one) and Beyond Good and Evil controlled pretty badly.

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The gameplay is kinda meh, it gets better after you get levitation and can bounce around but it never gets really good. What's really good though are the characters and the story, effing top notch. 
My favorite level thematically was that conspiracy theorist one, but the board game one was also cool. I got stuck at both of them though and ended up walking around aimlessly for quite a bit, that was not awesome.

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@HarlequinRiot: PC controls are pretty bad, if you ask me. I'd much rather play it with an xbox controller.
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I got to the meat circus and well after a few tries i could not take it any more

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I do need to finish this game actually, quite near the ending too (or so I'm told). Great experience while playing though.

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I was thinking about getting it a few days ago. I played the DEMO and it always stuck with me. Lately, it's exactly what i feel like playing.

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I can understand how some people could be turned off by the controls but how could you possibly consider this game boring? The writing is some of the best you'll see in a videogame and the game moves along quickly. None of the levels drag on too long and there is a tremendous amount of variety.

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I just played the menu... this is fantastic.

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But Mario 64 is calling me.

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@Evilsbane said:
" *Looks at topic*      Yes "
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Yeah Psychonauts is a great game.

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I unfortunately never got past the conspiracy theorist's level, but I loved what I played. 'Specially the suicidal campers.

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Maybe not play. 
Maybe everyone should just watch someone play Psychonauts.

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Yeah, I really should play it. Someday. Maybe.

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@Vonocourt said:
" I unfortunately never got past the conspiracy theorist's level, but I loved what I played. 'Specially the suicidal campers. "
Try using more skill, or hit the buttons harder....   XD
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@Cirdain said:
" @Vonocourt said:
" I unfortunately never got past the conspiracy theorist's level, but I loved what I played. 'Specially the suicidal campers. "
Try using more skill, or hit the buttons harder....   XD "
Not so much that I had trouble, just that I rented the xbox version and had to return it. I then picked up the PS2 version and never got around to playing back up to that point. Now that I have the steam version, I'll play it when I get off of this mac.

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