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What was your favourite level in Psychonauts? For me it was the Milkman Conspiracy. So many classic quotes came out of that place, and it gave me the most laughs.

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Mine is either the Milkman level or the black velvet level. I loved the artistic design in the black velvet one. OR the Napoleon level. For this game I can see every level being a favorite for other people. There aren't any bad levels at all.

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The Milkman Conspiracy definitely stuck in my head.

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I don't feel I even need to say my favorite level.  And if you don't know why, please play Psychonauts.

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Hedge said:
After playing it through a second time and knowing that the GOGGALOR level was fantastic i noticed the little referances made to the monster in the school, the stickers on the boats and such.

Also the milkman's mind when you take a look, now taht really freaked me out purely because the eyes and wooden expressions from inate NPC's, it really is a creepy experience.
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The Milkman Conspiracy had the most wacked out level design I've ever seen. It was like Tim Schafer took a hint of acid during development.

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Lungfishoppolis was probably my favorite.  This could very well be my favorite game ever, I really loved it.

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Well, of course everybody loves the Milkman Conspiracy and Lungfishopolis. They rule.

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Definitely The Milkman Conspiracy. It is my email address.

All the levels are awesome, though.

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i couldnt get enough of the waterloo napolean level.  The whole game with in a game with in a game thing just struck me as brilliant. 

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Inside of the minds aside, i really enjoyed the asylum atmosphere as well. Really changed things up from the happy camp ground.

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Milkman's number one...

but I'll throw in the first time you're in Raz's head, and you start out in the static ball and have to chase the rabbit, Brilliant design went into that level

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Like many of you there are just so many good levels. I think I'll have to say ummmm the Napoleon level.

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Waterloo World and The Milkman Conspiracy are tied for my favourite levels.

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The Milkman Conspiracy was awesome.

Look at that woman's breasts. They're large.

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Yep the milkman conspiracy is my fave also but i did like the level with the crazy bull and the one were you are all giant.

Great memories sigh


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So many awesome levels in this game! The milkman one is pretty cool, but my favorite was the one where it looks like your inside a painting, where you fight the bull at the end I think? The Napolean level was also great, it had me laughing pretty hard :).

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In order from my favourite to least favourite:

  1. The Milkman Conspiracy- This would be my favourite just because of how wacky it was. I loved the bizarre comments the G-men made, how Raz became what he was holding and just the general warped (in every sense of the word) design of the level.
  2. Lungfishopolis
  3. Waterloo World
  4. Gloria's Theater
  5. Asylum Upper Floors
  6. Black Velvetopia
  7. Milla's Dance Party
  8. Sasha's Shooting Gallery
  9. Meat Circus
  10. Basic Braining
  11. Brain Tumbler Experiment
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I'm gonna go with Lunfishopolis, i really liked being Goggolor and all the campy Gojira references that were made.  Milkman conspiracy would be second, there were a few sequences that i found very very frustrating so it lost some of it's cred.

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Gameplay wise, I liked Milla's Dance Party. The levitation ball is my favorite ability and you get to zip around the level a bunch on it. Also had a pretty interesting and dark secret area to discover.
But the art style for Black Velvetopia was really beautiful and I liked the story for that section the most as well.

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