PLEASE HELP: Change of resolution

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Hi fellow bombers

I just bought Psychonauts for PC (after ages of searching, I eventually imported it from the US, as I live in South Africa)
Problem is that the reolution is starts up in is incompatible with my screen. Please could you assist by telling me either:
1. The sequence of button presses to change the resolution
2. Or what file I must create externally to set the resolution

Any other ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.


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yd u buy it 4 pc its free on gametap!

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SuperMooseman said:
"ieatlions said:
"yd u buy it 4 pc its free on gametap!"
Gametap is only available in America, ClericZA is from South Africa."
Well it works on my computer (I'm English), so there might be a possibility that it works in SA.
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South Africa has limited broadband availability, and that which is available is severely overpriced.
For the record, I fixed it by running it on my old 17" screen, then changing some settings so that a settings file is generated. Then I edited the resolution in the file to 1366*768 to be compatible with my 37" LCD screen.

Finished the game over the next few weeks. What an experience. Like nothing else on earth. Turns out that Yahtzee was right.

Thanks for the posts though guys.

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