Psychonauts on Steam for $2!

#1 Posted by louiedog (2381 posts) -

Steam is currently having a sale on this game. For $2 anyone who hasn't played this should definitely pick it up before it's too late.

#2 Posted by JJOR64 (19572 posts) -

Holy poop on a stick.  That's a damn good deal for that game.

#3 Posted by eroticfishcake (7856 posts) -

Someone beat you to it.

#4 Posted by ShaunassNZ (2233 posts) -

I was hoping for better for Mid-week Madness. Buying though.

#5 Edited by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Wow! That is an excellent deal for such a great game! Gonna gift this.
@eroticfishcake said:

" Someone beat you to it. "

Damnit. Why can't people put these things in the right place the first time?
#6 Posted by ArrenDusk (88 posts) -

Just got it, awesome game according to what I've seen, Steam always gets these win deals.

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