Psychonauts to Mac, Steam Version Gets Updated, iOS Stuff

#101 Posted by Gareff (40 posts) -

The only game I ever bought on Steam and it only cost me a squid :D

#102 Posted by streek471 (21 posts) -

Love this game, though I don't have the steam version, just the original x-box disc. Still, proud I bought this the first week it came out, this game needs a sequel.

And I do not envy a harder Meat Circus. Fuck that level with all the intensity I can muster.

#103 Posted by Delusibeta (69 posts) -


Figgy Piggy

O boy!

#104 Posted by Ghostiet (5503 posts) -
@Delusibeta said:


Figgy Piggy

O boy!

Jesus Christ. [']
#105 Posted by Nictel (2542 posts) -

This game has been sitting in my Steam list for ages, unplayed of course like so many other holiday sale bought games.. But this time that seems like it ain't that bad that I haven't played it yet.

#106 Posted by hellerphant (157 posts) -

Great news that Double Fine now own the rights. Perhaps they'll convince a publisher to cough up some money for a sequel. I wonder if the GOG.COM version will be updated also.....I just bought it off there two weeks ago!

#107 Posted by Nintendude (283 posts) -

Got too many games on Steam already so I can't really buy anything full priced or it feels like wasted purchase. Hopefully this will be discounted in the Christmas sales because it's definitely an excellent game.

#108 Posted by Cybexx (1256 posts) -

So if they have full IP control I hope they do a Psychonauts related downloadable title.

#109 Posted by MeatSim (10986 posts) -

Looks like it might be time for me to finally play Psychonauts.

#110 Posted by Krystal_Sackful (811 posts) -


I just did it. Get on my level.

#111 Posted by Renachan (137 posts) -

@Krystal_Sackful: Yeah, this is the one thing. I am happy for mac that they are getting the game there, I love my steam version on PC, but wow I want that commentary. Give me something for Windows/Mac even, I would not dream of asking for on Android since pffft porting something from iOS? Who does that.

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