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So it seems every time I go to play Psychonauts, I get the short end of the stick. I picked up the PS2 version of the game and played it for a while. When reaching the mailman section, I started to notice some bugs here and there. Lip-sync errors, characters not responding to prompts. I didn't think much of it. Until the game crashed. I thought it was my PS2 so I put the game aside and forgot about it. 
Months later, I tried it again from the beginning. Bugs were waay more evident this time around. The whole first tutorial section was basically rendered unplayable due to the aforementioned bugs. Only this time they were everywhere. Not a single character emoted, talked or responded correctly. 
I chucked it in and went online. To my dismay, I found the PS2 'port' of the game is glitched up the ass, with plenty of people reporting similiar issues. I still wanted to play the game so I contemplated the Xbox Live version. But online alarm bells rang. People pissed off that the version released by Microsoft is strictly a NTSC copy of the game, not PAL. if you buy the PAL, you may as well burn the MS points because it doesn't work. And nowhere does Microsoft tell you such a thing before buying. I'm glad I dodged a bullet there. 
I'll be getting a new PC in the next month or two and I see Psychonauts is available and cheap on Steam. Third time's a charm right? Anyone have any experience with the Steam version?  


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I played it on the original Xbox, like it was intended I guess.
But a few of my friends have only played the Steam version and they liked it alot.

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GameTap had the game free for a long time, but not anymore.  I believe the Steam version is around $10 now, but I could be wrong.

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The Xbox thing sucks, that is the version I got. I think it was only the PS2 version with any problems. You should be fine.
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The Xbox Live version of Psychonauts wasn't perfect.  The most glaring thing I remember was that Raz's jacket texture would frequently screw up.  It's hazy, but I think there were also framerate troubles, which is kind of the case for most stuff I've seen over the 360's emulator.  I'll take a guess and say that the PC version is probably the best way to go here.

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I had no problems with the Xbox Live version, and I'm from Europe.. 

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@Rayfield: It's $2.49 on for a couple more hours.  I'd definitely recommend buying if you see this in time (that is, if you haven't already)

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