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 Psychonauts is a one of a kind game where you play a young, ten year old boy by the name of Razputin(or Raz, for short). He ran away from his dad and his dad's circus to go into a Psychic Camp to train to be a Psychonaut. The story and the storytelling is indeed the best part of this game. Each of this games characters are loveable and awesome immediatly, which is very, very, rare in the world of Video Games. It's kind of sad and dissapointing that all of your friends that you made in camp are just about out of the story with 2/5 of the game left, which makes more awesome characters come in.

Ok, this game is damn funny...no...really...it is damn funny... there are some rough patches here and there, but overall, a lot of the dialog(including during the main storyline, and just wondering aroung) is very rewarding to hear and could sometimes just make you laugh pretty hard, which almost never happens when your playing by yourself. Whether its Oleander calling you Slowy Joey, Lungfish running from GOGGALER!!, you trying to dodge Kochamara's..Hard..to avoid...ARIAL ATTACK!, stumping the G-men inside Boyd's head, the list litterally goes on and on, this game is damn funny.

Gameplay is solid. The platforming in the game makes it a true platformer. While there is little fighting in the game.. the fighting is done pretty well, and it makes you wish that there was more of it. The platforming aspect of the game is done very well, letting you use your psychic powers is really cool, and isn't repetitive because you have a lot of powers.

Graphics are really the downpoint of the game. The characters are well made, and well animated. It's just that the PS2 can't really handle the amount of whats really going on and making the game as crazy as it is, which causes some slowdown and isn't as great looking as the Xbox version. But the artistic visuals(mainly in the velvet art level) are phenominal, and makes up it's loss in technical graphics

The sound is very good. The voice acting work is phenominal, and one of the best voice work in a game in years(Invader Zim rules). The games music score matches the enviroment very well, for example the classical music(slightly edited) in the Napolean Bonaparte waterloo level.

Value for the game is limitless. I beleive that there are literly thousands of things are out for you to do in the game, and when you do all those things, you a rewarded handsomely in a cutscene/artwork/etc.

Overall, this game is a wonderful game and deserves to be purchased and added to your collection. It's one of those games that is like hidden treasure of games(with games such as Beyond Good & Evil, etc.) I recommend to buy this game NOW... or else The Milkman has one more delivery to make at your house    


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