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Psychonauts has a ton of comedy and fantastic gameplay.

Psychonauts comes from Double Fine Productions headed by the great Tim Schafer. It is a funny platformer with a great story that refreshes the genre a bit.

Psychonauts is about a boy named Razputin (Raz for short) who is raised in the circus and is an acrobat with his father. Raz is slowly becoming psychic and his father who hates psychics starts to notice and makes him practice even more. Raz eventually gets his hands on a pamphlet about the Whispering Rocks camp to train Psychonauts. After that, he runs away from the circus in hoping that he will be able to become a Psychonaut. That's just the intro. The rest of the story is awesome.

The gameplay in Psychonauts is tight and responsive. Every power is needed at some point during the game which is a good thing. Since this is a platformer, you can jump and double jump, but also your powers help you jump and platform very well with the main one being Levitation where you run around on a ball made of psychic energy that jumps much higher than the regular double jump does. Around the camp are Psi Challenge Markers that you collect to rank up in the game. The more you rank up, the more powers you receive. You can also increase your rank while in people's minds by collecting "figments". Pretty soon you will need to buy some items from the store. Your currency in this game are arrowheads that you find around the camp and by breaking objects. Overall, I do not think the gameplay could have been much better.

The graphics are cartoony and look pretty good. I know they went for the fantasy graphics but some items have some jagged edges on them and some characters have some fuzzy outlines around them. It doesn't take anything thing away from being fun, but it is kind of annoying.

The sounds in this game are awesome. The voice actors are fantastic. Some of them had to do multiple voices for the game, but they just gave so much personality to every character in the game. The music is great and the sound effects for your powers and when you are hitting stuff just sounds right.

The main story in Psychonauts takes anywhere from eleven to thirteen hours depending on if you look around for all of the Scavenger Hunt Items. There is some replay value since a lot of the time, you can walk by two characters that will be talking and their conversation could go for five minutes about friendship bracelets or taking a peek in the girls' cabins. Psychonauts overall is a very fun game with a ton of humor, fantastic gameplay, and sound. This game is a must own if you like platformers. If you don't have you should go pick it up.

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