dooops's Psychonauts (Xbox) review

Hidden Gem!

Not many people talk about this game but I decided to play it anyhow.

Right from the beginning this game immerses you with a cast of unique and enjoyable characters. The storyline is very well done with plenty of twists and turns. The game in itself is very original. Being that you are playing with the minds of others you are able to create any type of level that you want.

Speaking of levels, each one is unique and interesting. It has a lot of variety, a water level, some bouncing floating levels, some puzzle levels etc. It's rare that in a game you would not mind going back and playing a level again but this game did that for me a good three or four times.

This game rewards you for exploring as well. As many of you know I love exploring every crack and cranny to find everything possible.

The voice acting on Psyconauts is fantastic. You get twenty or more unique voices and characters to enjoy throughout the game. The controls are very smooth and easy to get used to. It's not too complicated but not too easy where you find the best combo and stick with it throughout the enitre game. You are forced to think for yourself and use ever of Raz's abilities. You are never really stuck either as you can ask Cruller for help on a hostile or a certain situation that you cannot figure out.

To conclude, this was a well thoughtout game. Unique to it's genre and a joy to play.

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