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One of the Most Original and Unique Games ever-

Psychonauts is a Brilliant and Original action adventure game from the mind of Tim Schafer, who is known for creating games with great stories that are wrapped in well designed gameplay and this trend continues in Psychonauts.
In Psychonauts you take control of Raz, a young psychic who runs away from his dad to visit Whispering Rock Summer Camp for Psychics and Races to Become a Psychonaut and Discover the secret of Whispering Rock.

The Gameplay of Psychonauts is very classic 3D platforming in the Vein of Ratchet and Clank or the Jak Games, but where Pyschonauts differentiates itself from these games is the Psychic Powers system.
Throughout the Game Raz can collect figments, by doing so he ranks up and unlocks new powers that range from Pyrokenesis(Light Crap on fire) To Invisibility these powers are well balanced and each can e used in a multitude of ways.
Raz also happens to come from a Circus, making him capable of Acrobatic Feats allowing for a whole new dimension of level design that combines the use of Acrobatics and Psychic abilities.

The Level Design in Psychonauts is Superb, with each level being laid out in a way that is intresting as well as intuitive, the levels are filled with loads of collectables(Which increase replayability) and Puzzles that challenge the player to use the tools at their disposal in different ways.
The Key Element to Psychonauts is that Raz is able to Jump inside other Peoples minds, this allows for a huge variety in level design , ranging from A Disco Party world to the mind of a person with the split personality of Napolean Bonaparte.

Another Unique element of Psychonauts is its Visual Design which has an excellent art style that keeps it looking good despite the game being 5 Years old, this is well complemented by its musical score which is Superb, primarily because the music helps compliment the individuality of each of the games levels.
Another Element of Psychonauts that makes its story so strong is how it merges elements of Adventure and Action games with Raz using items in ways reminiscent of the Old Kings Quest games as well as Doing Jumping Puzzles and Engaging in combat.

Psychonauts is almost filled to the Brim with Fine Level Design, the one exception being the games infamous final level "The Meat Circus" which has a massive jump in difficulty compared to the rest of the game and lacks the excellent design of the rest of the game.
Apart from this small Flaw, Psychonauts is easily the Best Action adventure game out there and one of the Most Unique and Memorable games you will ever play.

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Posted by nicolenomicon

A quick tip Ferg, learn punctuation. But otherwise, awesomeness.

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