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Punch Out!! Wii Review

It seems to have been a while since we've had a New Punch!! out game, probably around 15 years.  Well finally we're put back in Little Mac's shoes once again in Punch Out!! for the Wii.  First of all when I first looked at the menu screen and only saw a couple modes and no online play; I was pretty melancholy over the number of game modes offered.  But it was only till I started digging deep in the game that I found their was more then meets the eye.  The first mode of course is the Circuit mode were, in orthadox Punch Out!! fashion you climb each circuit fighting new boxers.  Their are 3 circuits: Minor, major, and world.  Now the first time you play through it when you begin in the minor circuit you'll probably win every fight with not having to practice and learn their attacks, and so on and so forth, but as you make it to the major circuit you'll probably will have to practice and learn the moves, then you on to the world circuit which you'll have to learn the moves or your going to get your ass kicked in the real fight.  So once you've versed the practiced fights like 3 or 4 times you're probably going to win each fight without to much trouble. Once you win all the fight you get to verse everyone again, but this time everyone is totally improved for instance Glass Joe where's like a boxing helmet now and King Hippo has a protector over his weak spot on his chest.  The game can get very hard now and it will take you a will to regain your title, but with practice and a yearn to win you'll be champ again.  Another thing to add replay value is a challenge mode where you have to do specific tasks against a fight and you win stuff like music in recompense.  Their is also a multiplayer mode which is very fun if you have some friends to play with, but sadly it doesn't supports online supports which is weird because Next Level Games last big game was Mario Strikers Charged which had online support.  The biggest flaws with Punch Out!! is the balance board support in a joke, no online play, and only really one new fighter.  Punch Out!! is a great game and should not be forgotten by any casual or hardcore Wii owner.


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