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Buy the NES Version on the Virtual Console Instead

I can't begin to describe how much of the original Punch-Out for the NES that I played growing up.  Given my thirst for a trip down memory lane, I picked this game up expecting this to be the definitive version of a classic game.  Instead, the developer chose to remove the signature character (Mike/White Tyson), throw in a stereotypical gay guy along with some lesser characters from Super Punch-Out, and screw around with some of the attack patterns of the classic fighters.  I also hated the control options in the game as holding the Wiimote sideways was nowhere near as comfortable as the classic controller (not supported) or even an NES/SNES controller.  While there is nothing inherently wrong with doing something different, I just don't think this game is as good as the NES or SNES versions of this game.  Since I can get both of those games for $5 and $8 dollars respectively, I just don't see the value proposition of paying a premium price for prettier Wii graphics (which may be an oxymoron in the current console generation).  I wouldn't dissuade people from playing this if they are really desparate for anything that constitutes "a new Punch-Out experience".  However, for people like me who have a fondness for the original games, I suggest that you fire up the Virtual Console, buy the original games, and relive your childhood.

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