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Punch-Out gets a facelift

  • Original characters are animated at a very high quality with matching voicework
  • Each fighter has their own remix of the Punch-Out music
  • Single player replay value is high
  • Challenge mode has a "puzzle game" quality to it
  • Title Defense mode makes this the most challenging Punch-Out overall
  • Practice mode and autosave removes the trial-and-error of previous Punch-Outs

  • Relies heavily on nostalgia to fully appreciate
  • No "final boss" like Mike Tyson or Mr. Dream.  Donkey Kong is more of a novelty fighter.
  • Not enough fighters.  Could've included more Super Punch-Out fighers to the roster
  • Remote + Nunchuck controls not ideal for the fast response time required
  • 2 player splitscreen is basically a counterpunch game
  • $50 retail price is kinda high for the content.  Remakes are usually priced lower (eg Space Invaders Extreme, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Pacman Championship, etc).

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