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Years of waiting for a worthy installment!

Punch-Out for the Wii was all I needed to hear to get thrown into a world of nostalgia, and fond memories of getting my ass brutally beaten. This installment of the game didnt go the route of completely changing the game and taking it in another direction, but instead made it more of a fancy remake! If you liked the original Punch-Out then this version will surely make you happy. Return of older characters and a few  new ones thrown in is the perfect blend for that Punch-Out fan out there! When I first heard that Punch-Out was coming to the Wii I was concerned that it was going to be dumbed down and made over all a much easier game, but thankfully they kept the difficulty which is one of the key reasons I gave this game such a high score.  If you aren't a fan of getting frustrated then this game may not be for you, even if the frustration is tolerable thanks to how fun the fights are!
PROS --- New Characters, Funny opening animation, funny dialouge, that difficulty you grew up with, well made graphic design, fun gameplay, nice variety of controller set ups.

Cons --- Game is pretty short, motion controls just dont cut it, No Mike Tyson.

In conclusion, if you are a fan of the original Punch Outs then by all means buy this!!!


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