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I was pretty excited when I first heard of this game coming out, because the original and Super Nintendo Punch-Out games were excellent. This game is no exception, it has great graphics, stays true to the classic, and awesome gameplay that will keep your arms hurting till the wee hours of the night. Punch-Out was made by the same people who made the Mario Strikers games and you can sort of tell by the menus and how they use the sound effects, that's just a random comment. The game is great for us haters of Nintendo's secret agenda of making us thinner, the waggle. Next Level has given you the option to play it with just the wiimote turning it classic (sideways) and using the one and two buttons to punch left and right. Although this seems natural and many people would just by pass it as a minor feature but when you think about how annoying swinging your sword was in Twilight Princess, you may re-consider. Without this feature this game would definitely be less enjoyable because after trying the waggle, just for completeness I assure you, my arms got extremely tired and I was so gratefully that I could just take a break from it and still play this awesome game.

The new features in the single player are (and bear in mind i never played Super Punch-Out) the training mode and that after you finish beating Mr. Sandman (a feat in and of itself) you can go back and play through the characters on harder difficulty. This entails them getting a safety helmet (i don't know what it's called in boxing) so you can no longer do face shots. I don't know how this works with King Hippo as I didn't bother with doing that, because the game was over due, but I'm sure they came up with something awesome, as they always do.

The multiplayer is really where you find major differences between this and the older ones, because you can play one on one and it's very very addicting especially beating your opponent to a pulp while you are a Mega mac, achieved by hitting your opponent after you dodge their attacks.

In short, this game captures everything that was spectacular about the old Punch Out games and adds multiplayer, but not in a tacked on way at all!

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