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Punch out and Punch in!! 3

    To start off, if you loved the original, then your going to love this Re-make. Yes, it is a Re-make, but there is a few things here and there that make this a worthy Re-make.     Punch out was of those games that you didn't buy, take home and beat, this was a game you needed to try and get better at, mainly because of the twitch action that is involved, you have to act fast in the game, and remember certain patterns for certain fighters. That is  what made it so fun for me, trying every time...

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Years of waiting for a worthy installment! 0

Punch-Out for the Wii was all I needed to hear to get thrown into a world of nostalgia, and fond memories of getting my ass brutally beaten. This installment of the game didnt go the route of completely changing the game and taking it in another direction, but instead made it more of a fancy remake! If you liked the original Punch-Out then this version will surely make you happy. Return of older characters and a few  new ones thrown in is the perfect blend for that Punch-Out fan out there! When ...

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A comeback is like a yo-yo 0

Punch-Out!! is one of those "classic" Nintendo franchises. You know, the kind that everyone who played it back in the day can't seem to get enough of. So while I had never played a Punch-Out!! game for myself, I continuously heard good things about the series everywhere I turned. Thus, when the updated Wii version came out, I decided it was high time I jump in and see what the fuss was all about. Long story short- I wasn't disappointed. Punch-Out!! is a ton of fun in a "down to earth" sort of wa...

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The racism returns 1

If the numerous smug little kids walking around today’s streets with frizzed-out afro hair and gray shirts with NES controller artwork or Super Mario Bros 1 sprites are to be believed, then retro is hip. Flannel seems to be making a comeback and every other rapper on the radio is searching for the next big smash hit by remixing 80s songs with Auto-Tune torture. I feel as though Nintendo shouldn’t be encouraged to cash in on this fad with more video games based on old NES games on account that NE...

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Punch-Out!! Review 0

So what can I say about Punch Out? Have you played the original NES version of Punch Out or the SNES version of Super Punch Out then, you've played the new Punch Out. Nintendo has really been on a "Everyone loves old stuff." kick here lately and, for the most part, it's been kind of annoying. I think with this new version of Punch Out though, they've done a pretty good job. The new Wii version of Punch Out plays a lot like the old games. You have your pretty basic list of opponents, including e...

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Punch-Out!! Review 0

Remember the good old days of the Nintendo game, Mike Tyson's Punch Out, where you took on the role of Mac, a boxer on a mission? Well you're going to get to do it all over again, with a couple of extra fighters in the way, and no Mike Tyson. In this updated version you'll get to see that some of the old favorites have some new tricks of their sleeves, but it all comes down to spotting their second of weakness, do that and you can once again rise to the top.Graphically this game looks smooth. Yo...

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Punch-Out!! reminds us why we adored the original 0

    Title: Punch-Out Release: May 18, 2009 Genre: Boxing Developer: Next Level Games Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Wii Rating: E (Everyone) Product Link: Website: Source Link:  Nintendo has been an unstoppable force in gaming for the last thirty years due to what they have described as “evergreen titles.” These titl...

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This is how a remake is done right. 0

Wii’s Punch-Out!! is a remake of the classic 1987 NES game Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, but with a few new fighters, a few new game modes, updated graphics and real voice acting. The result is a retro style success, but this also ensures all the same frustrations that were present 20 years ago. STORY IS THE SAME Story of Punch-Out!! is the same as in Rocky or any other classic boxing franchise. You play as Little Mac who has a trainer called Doc Louis and together they are trying to make Mac...

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Not quite a knock-out, but still a fun and enjoyable game. 0

As a young man I spent hours in my living room committing move patterns and sequences to memory and no matter how hard my young gamer self tried I could never get past Super Macho Man. Now here I am twenty two years later, I’m a little bit older, a little bit wiser, my fingers have become lean arthritic gaming machines and I’m still sitting on a couch memorizing punch combinations and patterns and I still can’t beat Super Macho Man. So this review will only go up to that tanned contender and won...

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Punch Out!! Wii Review 0

It seems to have been a while since we've had a New Punch!! out game, probably around 15 years.  Well finally we're put back in Little Mac's shoes once again in Punch Out!! for the Wii.  First of all when I first looked at the menu screen and only saw a couple modes and no online play; I was pretty melancholy over the number of game modes offered.  But it was only till I started digging deep in the game that I found their was more then meets the eye.  The first mode of course is the Circuit mode...

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A great mix of classic NES style controls and pattern memory 0

Another old Nintendo property is brought up from the depths of the forgotten realm in this remake of the classic NES favorite Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Of course the days of Mike branding the title are long long gone. Yes Little Mac is back for another round in the ring with all of those favorite yet less stereotypical opponents as well as a handful of new contenders in Punch-Out for the Wii. Together with Doc’s unyielding wisdom and chocolate bars, you must fight to overcome your puny stature and...

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A beloved franchise receives an excellent upgrade. 0

Originally written 9-5-12Little Mac is an up and coming boxer who has winning on his mind. He hopes to become World Champion. However, before he can do that, he must fight through the two lower circuits before he can get a shot at the world title. It won’t be easy for him at all due to the very tough competition, and some of these fighters have a habit of playing dirty. -summaryThe Punch-Out! series is definitely one of the most consistent video game franchises in terms of quality. Ninten...

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A decent remake, but it doesn't go beyond that at all 0

I am a huge fan of the original Punch Out for the arcade. It was the first truly great boxing game and one of the finest arcade games ever made. It was with great enthusiasm, therefore, that I anticipated the release of this latest version for the Wii. I rented the game on a Friday, and I was done with it by about Saturday afternoon, having gotten everything that I wanted to get out of it. It is a quality piece of nostalgia, but it doesn't really stand on its own as a great game. At times, it fe...

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Buy the NES Version on the Virtual Console Instead 0

I can't begin to describe how much of the original Punch-Out for the NES that I played growing up.  Given my thirst for a trip down memory lane, I picked this game up expecting this to be the definitive version of a classic game.  Instead, the developer chose to remove the signature character (Mike/White Tyson), throw in a stereotypical gay guy along with some lesser characters from Super Punch-Out, and screw around with some of the attack patterns of the classic fighters.  I also hated the cont...

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Welcome Back Little Mac!! 0

Nintendo lately has been known for distancing itself away from their hardcore audiences due to their astounding success of their casual titles on the Wii. The return of Punch-Out!! has been the faithful's hope of Nintendo actually still giving a care about their old franchises that date back to the NES days. It turns out that this new Punch-Out!! is both amazing and old-school for those who played the original NES game like crazy in the late 1980s. It recaptures the same old feeling that was bot...

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I was pretty excited when I first heard of this game coming out, because the original and Super Nintendo Punch-Out games were excellent. This game is no exception, it has great graphics, stays true to the classic, and awesome gameplay that will keep your arms hurting till the wee hours of the night. Punch-Out was made by the same people who made the Mario Strikers games and you can sort of tell by the menus and how they use the sound effects, that's just a random comment. The game is great for u...

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Punchout Wii - Review 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comPunchout in a nutshell is the NES and SNES game remade almost to a fault.  The controls are similar, the basic concept is exact which consists of timing blocking and punching, usually in that order. Story: Your Little Mac the underdog, you have an annoying trainer, and you have green boxing gloves.  Your goal is to punch dudes in the face, particularly almost racist charactures and stereotypes.  Your mission is to become the World Champion! Presenta...

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Punch-Out gets a facelift 0

PROSOriginal characters are animated at a very high quality with matching voiceworkEach fighter has their own remix of the Punch-Out musicSingle player replay value is highChallenge mode has a "puzzle game" quality to itTitle Defense mode makes this the most challenging Punch-Out overallPractice mode and autosave removes the trial-and-error of previous Punch-OutsCONSRelies heavily on nostalgia to fully appreciateNo "final boss" like Mike Tyson or Mr. Dream.  Donkey Kong is more of a novelty figh...

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Waggle Hurts The Affair 0

 From the dustbin of the golden days, Nintendo unearths Little Mac and places him back in the ring to fight Mik...Mr. Sandman. Yeah, that's the ticket.Not going to lie, no Tyson killed this game for me. I never bought the non-Tyson re-release of the original classic and it's not like Tyson could be worth that much money.Nintendo has brought back Punch Out, slapped some waggle on it, and we now have their big release for the time being.For starters, as I said early on, this isn't the same ...

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Upgraded NES Version 0

For those of you that enjoyed Punch-Out on the NES or Mike Tyson's Punch-Out on the NES, you need to play this game.  Punch-Out on the Wii took everything that worked from the past games (which is everything) and slapped on better graphics and a longer career mode.  Each fighter still has their own pattern that you need to figure out in order to beat them which is a nice change of pace compared to Fight Night games.  As you progress through your career and win all the titles, you then go back an...

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