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Punchline Place is a street in Toontown Online that is part of Toontown Central.

Cog Information

 Cog appearance percentages:
  • Bossbot - 10%
  • Lawbot - 10%
  • Sellbot - 40%
  • Cashbot - 40%
Cog Maximums 
  • Street Level Cog - Level 3
  • Maximum Cog Building Stories - 3 Stories
  • Maximum Cog Building Cog Level - Level 7


Punchline Place has 19 different locations that can be visited. 

 Punchline Place

  • Inflatable Wrecking Balls
  • Whoopee Sofa Cushions
  • The Karnival Kid
  • Dr. Pulyurleg Chiropractor
  • Barely Palatable Pasta
  • Seminars Hardy Har Har
  • The Punch Line Gym
  • Traffic Troubles
  • Three Squares Meal House
  • Funny Bone Emergency Room

  • Phoney Baloney
  • Zippy's Zingers
  • Kooky Cafe
  • The Flying Pie
  • Prof. Wiggles House of Giggles
  • Rubber Chicken Sandwiches
  • Greasy Spoon
  • Mickey's Follies
  • Sundae Funnies Ice Cream

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