Anyone Play This?

#1 Posted by liako21 (551 posts) -

how does this hold up compared to FIFA and pro evo? it says its a soccer sim so probably leans more toward PES game play im guessing.

#2 Posted by liako21 (551 posts) -

oh shit just saw the review to this....not sim at all. its very arcadey.

#4 Posted by liako21 (551 posts) -

what do you gain by making a sarcastic comment like that?

#5 Posted by jessej07 (232 posts) -

I definitely would like to know more about this game also.

#6 Edited by Gizmo (5468 posts) -

In all honesty, before I read this thread I didn't even know what Pure Futbol is. The marketing for this game must have been terrible.
EDIT: I've just checked and it seems this game has been panned universally by critics, stay clear.

#7 Posted by Angularbanjo (175 posts) -

I just picked this up in a bargain bin for €5, and I definitely got five Euros worth of entertainment out of it. It's a decent arcade soccer game, in the landscape between PES and FIFA Street, though it's nowhere near the quality of the major releases.
I had fun with it for 5-6 hours.

#8 Posted by sharma55 (476 posts) -

I played it at a demo station somewhere for 15-20 minutes, found it to be quite shit.

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