Just got a copy.

#1 Posted by Captain_Fookup (1526 posts) -

If you liked the demo at all pick it up it's fucking fun :)

#2 Edited by ArchScabby (5877 posts) -

I got it yesterday too.  I love it.  Nobody makes arcadey racers like this very much anymore, and it gives me a nostalgic feeling of racing motorcross on the n64.

#3 Posted by coonce (1605 posts) -

we were playing it in the office the other day and it is a total blast -- been having a lot of fun with it.

#4 Posted by Ma7moud (834 posts) -

The demo was great. I'll absolutely buy it first day.

#5 Posted by betterthantelevision (86 posts) -

So fun, so slick, just a great game.

I never buy racing games, but the demo made this a day one for me.

#6 Posted by L (1766 posts) -

Good fun but the adaptive difficultly in World Tour sucks. I want to play at one difficulty, not have it go up just because I'm doing well.

#7 Posted by Lemegeton (812 posts) -

i will rent this at some stage, demo was a lot of fun. reminded me of excitebike 64 in some ways

#8 Posted by natetodamax (19418 posts) -

Looks interesting.

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