Pure, debating on getting it

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Looking for some input from people that have the game, website reviews are helpful but they are never as good as the comments from regular gamers (no offense reviewers :)). I noticed it's from the same guys that brought us Split/Second and I've enjoyed that game even if I've been struggling with most of the timed/point events.

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It's alright, to be honest, I don't play it that often. You should download a demo and see if you like it.

#3 Posted by CowboyBebopper (190 posts) -

If you like the demo, then buy it. It can't be more than $15 at GameStop. If you REALLY want a good Blackrock Studios game, go for Split Second.

#4 Posted by BergDK (268 posts) -

You should be able to find the Pure/ Lego Batman bundle really cheap...

Game is good but nothing special.

#5 Posted by CoolDrMoney (2018 posts) -

I think Pure is a great SSX take on arcade ATV racing.

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I love it. It'll hook you in with the custom ATV building and unlocks. I will say, tho, that the last few races in career mode are hell. You will have to find and learn every shortcut, but if you wanna play online, you should be aspiring to that level anyway I guess :/

#7 Posted by asonunique (34 posts) -

I think pure is really repetitive, even for a racing game. all it has is customization and nice looking tracks, the racing gets old fast

#8 Posted by h83r (496 posts) -

Rented it for my Ps3, then borrowed it from a friend for the 360 much later on. Granted I just wanted achievement points, but I suppose something can be said about the quality if I didn't mind playing it all over again. Ended up getting 845 points out of it too. 
Overall, I doubt it'll be that expensive, and for like $15 or so, I'd say it was worth it. It was fun for me for the 2/3 weeks that I played it. 

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