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I haven't ever been an ATV game fan or MX fan or anything like that in fact I pretty much loathed the MX vs ATV series but when you mix SSX style with insane crazy looking ATV's you basically get something that looks....awsome.

So there is no story and I basically start out with a story line basis in every review and this being a racing games of sorts it dosen't have a story, instead Pure has a world tour mode like you see in most racing games like this with different stages that require a certain number of points that you aquire with your place in each of the races.

Alright so as I said you mix SSX tricky with ATV's you get Pure Awsomeness, the gameplay is simple as breathing a trick is matched to the A,B,Y buttons. You start out only by using the A button to do tricks, but as you do A button you soon will be able to do B then Y then after getting the trick meter full you are able to pull off a special trick, enabiling you to pull off a insane trick doing the Air guitar, multiple flips or breakdanceing on your seat.

The tricks all do look reall sweet and once your able to learn how to pull of flips or tweaking your tricks you will be able to pull of some really sick combo's as such but I have also encountered some problems when I would flip then trick then I would hold the trick even after i took my finger off from the button which was kind of frusturarting.

The A.I in the game can be ruthless I have seen little re-bound abillity when in last place, they seriously don't care what so ever especially in the last stages of the game, the A.I also can be frusturating especially when it comes to freestyle the A.I mostly always pulls ahead and grab all the upgrades before you do leaving you with almost nothing when they get over 30,000 points which is a control slamming mess.

The bikes all react pretty well when it comes to land or flips or hitting different types of ridges or mountain sides, sometimes however you will actually over jump a couple of the landing's which can lead to some serious...uhhh...ouch?

To be honest, building an ATV in this game is probably then 2nd most fun thing to do in the game, after getting through atleast half of the world tour you are able to pick from numerous parts and colours and you are able to create a pretty ruggid or sexy vehicle, my 3 so far (let me mind you theirs about 10 ATV spots that you are able to fill up for an achievement) called The White Devil, The Black Barron and the General Lee even just naming your ATV is fun.

The most..awsome fun thing to do is get some ATV's some freinds with some bad language and alot of yelling and screaming, a map, a server YOUR GOOD this can pretty much be one of the best things you'll play is testing out different things showing people your cool moves and also having small one on one battles between you and your freind with the foul mouth, I have only encountered two problems, one is that when driving you can exactly drive in to each other because they will just appear on the other side of you anyway and also if you have 8 or more players in the room what will happen is some people would be louder then others and sometimes a mic bug will pop in making most people stop talking.

The way Pure looks is great everything is really fleshed out nicely kind of looking like water passtels mabey im not sure but it does have that kind of ruggid look to it almost, he characters and the character animations also look top notch bumping around in their seats as they turn or as they land a large trick and nothing more really that i can say about how it looks it just looks simply amazing.

So overall this is pretty damn good game that has came from behind that ATV lovers should probably get as well as people that look at ATV's and go thats pretty cool, or even people that just wanna do crazy insane tricks should probably try this out you will probably enjoy it as i did.


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