war77machine's Pure (Xbox 360) review

Pure is an insane experience that you will love!

Pure is a ATV, off road, trick based, racing game that is set in lush and beautiful landscapes. It uses huge ramps to pull those big and crazy tricks and brings its own competitive edge to the races with 16 player online and offline modes. The gameplay is Pure's main strength which it utilitizes by an effective and user friendly trick system. This scheme only allows you to pull off the basic tricks at first by pressing the A button and a direction on the analogue stick or D-pad but as you do more tricks, your Thrill Bar grows to unlock the B, Y and Special (RB and LB) trick buttons. To gain more air and time to pull a trick or two then you must preload by holding down on the analogue stick and pushing forward as you go over a ramp.  Also if you are trailing behind the pack, you can use your Thrill Bar as a boost meter by pressing the X button.

The main game mode in Pure is the World Tour, where you compete in a series of stages that have different race types to gain points which moves you up the World Tour leaderboard to ultimately be the top ATV, off road driver. These race types are Race, Sprint and Freestyle. Race, well.. explains it self, Sprint is similar to a race but with hardly any ramps, a short curcuit and more laps. Finally Freestyle features power-ups that racers battle to grab during the event. Stars give you an instant Special Trick (good for mad points if you can pull it off), a 2X doubles your score for a limited time, and a nitrous icon fills your boost. Build your trick meter, pull sick tricks, chain them together before the combo meter runs out, and you'll stay alive. Other modes include a Single Event and Time Trail, which is pretty disappointing that there couldn't be more game modes like a tournament. The online is very well done with  Ranked and Player matches for Race, Sprint, Freestyle and the online exlcusive Freeride mode for up to 16 players.

In Pure, you have to have a stunning back drop and this game doesn't disappoint in that department. There are 12 different areas, from the airplane graveyard of Ocotillo Wells, Calif., to the tropical island of Kosa Phi in Thailand. The stunning environment that gives you that warm feeling inside. But after a while when you have seen these 5 or 6 times they begin to feel a bit stale.

The sound and audio is quite brilliant, a quad bike reving up at the start of an event, the cheering of your character as you land an insane stunt or the opening chords to "Woman" by Wolfmother give you a sense of excitement to this game.

The longevity of Pure is another issue that could have been fixed with more game modes. But I think most people will be satisfied with the overall thrill factor of the package.

In conclusion, Black Rock Studios has done a fantastic job in delivering a exciting off road experiences that nearly any one will enjoy!


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