Pushmo World QR codes

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Because someone needed to start this damn thread! I found this on GoNintendo.

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Do old codes work with World?

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@corruptedevil said:

Do old codes work with World?

Yes, it says as much on the wiki page. Nobody reads wiki pages lol. So often I see questions asked that could be answered by glancing at our very own wiki.

I just tried it with my old Dave Review Avatar QR code. Note that only Pushmo puzzles can be shared between Pushmo and Pushmo World, not Crashmo puzzles.

I scanned my old QR code from here: http://www.giantbomb.com/pushmo/3030-36926/forums/official-thread-for-pushmo-qr-codes-527934/?page=1#js-message-5026569

And it turned into this:

RIP Dave's old review avatar graphic :)
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@squall20xxuk: love the shovel knight. Good find.

This game is so great. I never get tired of it. Have for both 3ds and Wii U.

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I don't have Pushmo World (no Wii U), but here are my old codes for Pushmo 3DS.

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