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Pushmo (引ク押ス - Hiku Osu; Pullblox in EU territories) has 250 puzzles to solve and involves pushing and pulling blocks to rescue a child at the top of the level. When you're done with those levels you can also create your own levels and share them with the community through QR-codes. Some of the levels are designed around sprites from popular NES games.


The object of every stage in Pushmo is to push and pull the colored blocks on a stage backwards and forwards in order to create a pathway that allows Mallo to climb to the goal located somewhere in the puzzle. Different parts of the puzzle are separated by color. Each stage is designed like a three-dimensional grid. The player can only push or pull blocks forwards or backwards. When a block is pulled, it can be moved into one of four separate positions. Every block begins in a neutral position where they are pushed completely into the back wall. From this position the player can only pull them out by standing in front of them, but once a block has been taken out, it can be pushed or pulled from the side as long as the player can reach it. There is no death or failure in this game, the puzzles only reset themselves when Mallo steps on a switch at the bottom of every level.

There are also objects which make the puzzles more complicated:

  • Manholes: Manholes come in color-coded pairs of two. Assuming that the corresponding manhole is free and not impeded in any way, when Mallo jumps into a manhole he will immediately exit from the one with the same color.
  • Pullout Switches: When stepped on, these make all blocks of the corresponding color come all of the way out, potentially pushing Mallo off of whatever part of the puzzle he stands on.

QR Codes

Below is an example of a custom level users can create. If a user has a 3DS nearby, these QR-codes can be scanned to load the level.

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