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Frustrating, clever, entertaining, and addictive! 4

Pushmo is one of the most frustrating, clever, entertaining, and addictive puzzle games that I have ever played. I’ve been discouraged lately, because of the number of uncanny IPhone games that people consider to be considered great that I’ve played, though there are only a few exceptions like the overrated (yet great) Angry Birds and a few others. Nintendo has something to be proud of with their Pushmo game (or app, if you want to call it that), though it may not be $0.99. Thing is, Nintendo an...

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Simple and brilliantly designed, Pushmo offers tremendous value. 0

Have you ever played a game that's so simple in its design, yet it's brilliant and original? That's exactly what Pushmo is. Pushmo is an eShop puzzle game by Intelligent Systems, makers of the fine Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, and Paper Mario series, among other titles. In the game, you're tasked with rescuing little children from a set of blocks called Pushmo. The Pushmo appear as flat objects, but they are in fact 3D shapes; by pulling out these shapes, you create platforms that assist you in re...

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Pushmo Review Short 0

Pushmo Review ShortAs a fan of this wonderful little downloadable eShop title, I was disappointed that it was overlooked by most reviewers. It's a clever little game that is not only fun but incredibly challenging. So I will attempt to do it some justice here with my first ever 'review short' for the Nintendo 3ds eshop title: Pushmo.You play as a plump, squat, and adorable little character. There is very little information as far as the story goes aside from that you are saving these little chil...

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Cute, Fun, and Expansive!!! 0

Pushmo has agreeably cute graphics and is jam-packed with levels. I personally have more fun in the level creator than in the main game, thanks to other players' creativity. Sometimes it gets frustrating, but thanks to the rewind feature, you can undo a stuipid move. It's worth the money....

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