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Puzzle Agent 2 Review

It is time once again to step into the shoes of the FBI's best puzzle solver, Nelson Tethers. For those of you who haven't played the first game, I'm sorry but I have to divulge some secrets. This game starts up where the last one left off. You have returned from Scoggins and find that even though you solved the case of the eraser factory, you are left unsatisfied. There was so much more left unexplained, and the puzzle solver in you screams to be able to put the missing pieces that were left missing.

Graphically this game is identical to the first game. It looks all hand drawn, and when they do the close ups of the characters you can easily tell that they are just scaling up the characters so that they look closer, but at the same time you can see the slight blurring and the hand drawn lines really stick out. You'll be navigating through the game once again by selecting your snowmobile and will have the map to select areas to go to. The map is sufficient and will give you all the locations that are available to you at a given time.

The music in the game feels like a perfect fit. It gives you this sort of puzzle solving theme song that goes over and over again, but in a way that you don't really get sick of it. You'll also enjoy the voice acting, which I have to say definitely makes me smile. I'm a huge fan when all the dialogue is actually spoken.

The controls are very simple, in the iPad version, you're going to touch the screen, and sometimes you're going to drag your finger across the screen to complete tasks.

I do have to say that I felt like there was a wider range of puzzles to this second game in the series, but at the same time I did feel like there were a couple more arrange the pictures in the correct order than I would have liked. I also felt as if the number of puzzles didn't seem to be all that many. I was really starting to get into the game when the credits rolled. Now of course that's usually the sign of a good game, if you can't put it down until the end, but I had just felt as if the game was really starting to roll, and then it just felt as if the forgot it was suppose to be a short game and threw all the pieces together at the last moment. This is a fun game with a goofy story line filled with conspiracy, fantastical creatures, and puzzles. Even though its priced at below $10 I think this game probably would have been better if it was under $5.

If you like the series pick up this game. If you like puzzles, and a bit of story, you might want to pick up this game. If you're looking for an immersive experience that you can get lost in for a while, then you're going to be saddened by the shortness of this game. Perhaps if you played the first and second back to back. As much as I liked this game, I can't say that I loved it, and with that I have to give this game, as good as it was, at times, a 6.8 out of 10.

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