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 Puzzle Bots is a point-and-click adventure game, developed by Erin Robinson with some assistance from Wadjet Eye Games.


Puzzle Bots takes place in Dr. Hugo’s Factory for Making Robots, which is a factory specializing in, you guessed it: making robots. One of the inventors employed there, named Zander, stumbles across a mysterious box outside the factory. He brings it up stairs to show it to his co-workers, but they have no clue how to open it. After a set of events involving the mysterious box, the factory's robots set on a grand adventure.


Puzzle Bots is a puzzle-centric adventure game. The player has to use the robots to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles with their specific abilities. The player can take control of one robot at a time and can switch between them at anytime. Each robot has their own unique ability: 

  • Hero is Zander's creation and has the ability to climb and pick up objects
  • Ultrabot is Theo's robot, and has the ability to push heavy objects.
  • Ibi is Yukiro's invention, and has the ability to swim.
  • Kelvin is Viktor's bot, and has the ability to burn objects with his flamethrower. 
  • Bomchelle is Astrid's robot, and has the ability to throw bombs


Dr. Hugo - Dr Hugo is the proud owner of Dr Hugo’s Factory for making Robots.  His Factory is rolling out a new line of kinder, gentle robots and he is hoping to get all the robots ready by Christmas time.

Zander -  Creator of Hero. Zander is nice and friendly but absent minded.

Theo-  He is the creator of Ultrabot and a College-student intern and certified nerd. He is a snob when it comes to robots.

Yuriko - Creator of Ibi, Yuriko is a shy Japanese girl. She learnt everything she knows from the Japanese school system. Yuriko has a secret crush on her co-worker Zander.

Viktor - Creator of Kelvin, Viktor has a blunt personality. He is trying to get fired, and as a result he has created a robot with a flamethrower. He knows about Yuriko's secret crush on Zander. 

Astrid- Creator of Bomchelle, Asrid is the newest employee of Dr Hugo’s Factory for Making Robots. She is the smartest employee of Dr Hugo’s  factory- and knows it.

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