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Good Idea, Solid Gameplay, Bland Execution 0

I would like to start by stating that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Anyone who likes Bejeweled will almost certainly like Puzzle Quest and the game certainly gives enough content for its price, especially if a player does the sidequests. Spells add a noticeable amount of strategy to the Bejeweled formula and can often be combined with each other for great results; every spell has its uses and the spells are surprisingly balanced. Customization...

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Breaking little colored gems has never been so addictive. 0

If you own a Psp and don't have Puzzle quest: challenge of the warlords, then you're missing out. Why? well simply because it's one of the most addictive, value packed games on the psp. You'll start out by picking a class ( warrior, druid, knight etc) Giving your puzzle hero a name and then your ready to break some faces in with your gem smashing skills, well something like that. The game works around a simple gem breaking system where you match 3 or more gems of the same color or gems with the ...

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Excellent Puzzle RPG 0

Puzzle Quest is an addictive and remarkable genre-bending game. The more I played it, the more I was able to draw parallels to what would be considered standard RPG games. The system is simple: take a familiar mechanic of matching colored gems or skulls to either build up power for special moves or to unleash an attack on your foe. You can even collect gold to buy items for your character or even craft new items. The story is a bit derivative as your end goal is to stop an evil foe from taking o...

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Unique and Engaging 0

 There are many genres in video gaming. First person shooters, platformers, music rhythm games, RPGs, and puzzlers are several of the most popular. However, the latter two need to be singled out for a specific reason; they remain very much unchanged since their conception. Enter Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. One brief glance at the game would lead you to believe it’s your standard take on the genre. Match three gems of the same colour to clear them from the playing field. In this sens...

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Surprisingly deep and addictive, given its casual roots 0

Genre mixing is nothing new. We have RTS/RPG hybrids, MMOFPS's, and FPS/RPG hybrids. Now, with Puzzle Quest, we have – the RPG/Puzzle hybrid? Yes, you read that right. The combination doesn't sound quite right, and, in practice, it is not always an elegant blend. However, Puzzle Quest is still a great, cheap game with extremely satisfying, addictive gameplay inside of an interesting RPG framework. It is not going to challenge Crysis in the graphics department any time soon and the story is fairl...

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Addictive Circle Fun 0

Puzzle Quest: This one had me seeing circles for weeks! This is an RPG, but instead of fighting with swords, you fight with Bejeweled. Brilliant! The story is so bad, I was just begging for opportunities to skip past it, but the actual battles were puzzlerific! And the system to get new spells and character upgrades was fantastic. I beat this game, collected all the spells, captured all the monsters, and realized I would never play it again. So to eBay it went. But before then, I had a great tim...

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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Review 0

At the beginning of the Puzzle Quest craze there was a DS and a PC version. Both of which had a pointer system (ie mouse or stylus) which seemed to just fit the game. The popularity took a bit of time to get off the ground but once it caught there was no stopping it. This game presented a different genre to most gamers a Puzzle RPG, and a damn good one at that. You create a character follow a storyline take on different types of creatures, and battle through a puzzle game on par with bejeweled. ...

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Outstanding design. Pure addiction built for portability. 0

I'm not a huge puzzle game fan, but I couldn't help but check out Puzzle Quest after seeing so much positive feedback last year. This is easily one of the best PSP games I've played and a consistently fun, addicting experience.The basic Bejeweled-style puzzle game takes on a great twist with you playing as one of four traditional RPG classes -- druid, mage, warrior or knight (paladin). Each class gets perks via stats and spells that encourage you to actually play the game in a style traditionall...

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Bejeweled+Mana 0

Puzzle Quest is a game that takes the basic mechanics of Bejeweled with elements of an RPG. For example, if you were to match three red gems you get three "Fire" into your mana pool where you cast spells. Aside from the "mana" gems there are skulls. If you match three of these you do damage to your mythical foe.While the game play is relatively simple you can add alot of depth by using certain spells and power ups in order to make battles exciting. Aside from battling mythical creatures you can ...

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