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Qeynos Hills

Qeynos Hills are the training grounds for humans from the western shores of Antonica. The hills are full of wildlife to test fledgling skills while under the protection of the Qeynos guards nearby. But young adventurers should be careful not to slay any wolves or bears within sight of the rangers of Surefall Glade, as they value the lives of the animals more than that of a poacher. The Glade is beyond the stone cliffs to the north and is where the human and half elf rangers and druids of Karana learn their craft. Blackburrow lies to the northeast, which keeps the guards attention for any incoming gnoll invasions. Out to the east are the Plains of Karana and the long road to Freeport. A small lake can be found on the western borders of the hills. A seemingly innocent barbarian man named Hadden often fishes here when not being attacked by those attempting to steal his earring.

Neighboring Zones

Commerce & Tradeskills

ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Central HutSmithing


Notable NPCs

  • Cros Treewind
  • Gnasher Furgutt
  • Gnoll Avenger
  • Hadden
  • Pyzjn
  • Tovax Vmar
  • Varsoon the Undying

Notable Items

  • Cros Treewind's Staff
  • Fishbone Earring
  • Glowing Black Stone
  • The Gnoll Slayer

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