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QIX Adventure is a game developed by Taito and published by Event Horizon Software (European release) and Taito (Japanese releases) for the Game Boy Color platform. QIX Adventure never got a US release.


Level Completion Percentage

The object in QIX Adventure is to capture 75% percent of the play field. The way pieces of the field are captured are by drawing a line from the edge. Once the line has drawn a completely boxed in shape it will be considered to be captured.

There are enemies that travel around the play field that if hit one of the players lives will be lost. There are two enemy types in the game: Sparx, which will chase the players cursor along a line being created and Qix, which is a spinning helix that tries to directly hit the players cursor.

If an enemy is captured inside of a box by the player a treasure on the playfield will open up, which will allow the player to retrieve the treasure located inside.

Game Modes

Game Mode Select Screen

There are three game modes that can be played:

  • Treasure - Treasure mode is the main story mode of the game. This is the mode in which the player can collect treasures and battle monsters.
  • Battle - Battle mode is a mode in which the player can wager the treasures that have been won in Treasure mode.
  • Original - The original mode is just that, the original game of Qix.

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