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New QL!
Edit: Posts do not move back when you edit, you just weren't first.

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Whaaa.. my post moves back when I edit? I wuz first. Anyway New quicklook! 

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#5 Posted by Adziboy (702 posts) -

New QL! Finally!
#6 Posted by Erik (386 posts) -

Wtf is this shit?

#7 Posted by lightsoda (541 posts) -

Yay a QL!

#8 Posted by The_Philosopher (570 posts) -

Sweet! Quick Look time.

#9 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

Hurrah a QL.

#10 Posted by Yagami (589 posts) -

Storytime was fucking awesome! XD

#11 Posted by BiplaneMan (28 posts) -

The drought has ended, praise the lord!

#12 Edited by buzz_clik (6975 posts) -

Yay, it's a QIX Look! I'm a pretty big Volfied (Ultimate Qix) fan, and I'd love to see an updated version of that. This is the next best thing, though.
It's kinda like a mash-up between QIX, Pac-Man CE and Mutants. Noice.



" Wtf is this shit? "

Uhhh... it's an updated version of QIX?
#13 Posted by NeoGecko (151 posts) -

hmmm, looks bad 

#14 Posted by hrpff (11 posts) -

Kid tested

#15 Posted by Neon941 (238 posts) -

Looks like a fun little game, $10 seems a little steep but if I was in the mood for some Qix I'd certainly consider it.

#16 Posted by Pudge (886 posts) -

There is a scroll on the story screens and they didn't scroll!! That's why the story was so short! They have to go back and read it to us! I WANT MY STORY TIME!

#17 Posted by Tirrandir (217 posts) -

Hrm.  I have a ... er ... a version of this game that has some naked ladies on it on mame for pc.  Lol.  I don't remember the name offhand, but it was the one where the ladies would turn into horrible mutilated corpses randomly during the game.  Messed up stuff.  
That was the most hilarious version of this game.  
Also, Jeff's good at Qix.

#18 Posted by stinky (1548 posts) -

am i remembering things wrong or did the original Qix have better graphics? 
i swear it did.

#19 Posted by dutch42 (533 posts) -

anybody else instantly think of that stupid art class game from bully?

#20 Posted by AltonBrown (950 posts) -
#21 Posted by Tirrandir (217 posts) -
@AltonBrown: That's the one indeed.  =D  I'm at work, so I couldn't exactly go looking for that page.  Seanbaby doesn't make it past my work's internet filter, unsurprisingly.
#22 Posted by MachoFantastico (4687 posts) -

QIX as a story, who would have known! 
Great QL. Game looks disappointing though.

#23 Posted by wrecks (2256 posts) -

Complete shit. If your're going to update it... Update It! And, 16 stages? What a gyp.

#24 Posted by KinjiroSSD (694 posts) -

ohhh I remember this. The name didn't sound familiar.

#25 Posted by SaucySala (344 posts) -

$10 for just 1 hour and the graphics look really... bland... NO THANKS!
Get the Geometry Wars guys on another QIX!

#26 Posted by Kyle (2323 posts) -
@stinky: no, you're remembering wrong
#27 Posted by Kete (53 posts) -

Considering you can get about a million free flash game versions of this i really can't see why you'd want to buy this, especially with a fairly tiny amount of levels. And it doesn't even look that much better than a flash game as it is.

#28 Posted by HatKing (5949 posts) -

I've played stuff like this before, the one they were talking about on the podcast last night I used to have.  These games are addicting but I don't think I'd pay $10 for one.

#29 Posted by MetalGearSunny (6992 posts) -

A Drew article!! YAY!!

#30 Posted by ArchScabby (5809 posts) -

Have quicklooks always got their own post?  Cuz if they have, I've never noticed.

#31 Posted by Snail (8606 posts) -

So videos are being posted to the forums now too?

#32 Posted by Starstew (12 posts) -

I like Qix, but I have to agree with Stinky and say the interface and graphics of this version look horrible.  When I first saw that there was a Qix++, I was sold... but seeing this thing in motion unsold me.  Thanks for the "Qix"look.

#33 Posted by skippyscissors (387 posts) -

Is that a Matrix reference in my Qix?

#34 Posted by mracoon (4971 posts) -

Since when did videos post to the forums?

#35 Posted by Sanj (2390 posts) -

Ahh finally a QL. I was getting a little worried with the lack of GB original video content.
#36 Posted by John1912 (1885 posts) -

I want to watch the conversation of the boss coming to the employee asking him to write the fiction for this game, as well as any revision process.
#37 Posted by jasonlblair (74 posts) -

I played a lot of Gals Panic during my teen years. Local all-night travel center had a machine. Later, I grabbed it as a MAME ROM.
Even without the nudity, it's the best version of QIX I've played.

#38 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4895 posts) -

Ryan is the only person in the world that uses the word "janky". No joke.

#39 Edited by Th3_James (2578 posts) -

OMG, this is the game i was playing on a friends dev kit like 6 months ago. lol
out of all the pre release shit he had i decided to try this and play hours of it :P
edit: and a game called limbo, that was really early and has no audio except for circular saws, and it is black and white. I can't wait til it comes out, it is the best puzzle game ever

#40 Posted by PolyesterPimp (255 posts) -

QIX: kid tested, mother approved

#41 Posted by Forcen (1827 posts) -

I remember playing something like this on my old cellphone.

#42 Posted by Dethfish (3663 posts) -
@ArchScabby said:

" Have quicklooks always got their own post?  Cuz if they have, I've never noticed. "

 I haven't seen it on Giant Bomb before but I'm pretty sure they do it on Comic Vine and Anime Vice. More people see it this way I guess.
#43 Posted by dezm0nd (42 posts) -
@dutch42: Yup, these kind of games do bore me to tears after a few levels and to see something which is inside another game sold for about 7 quid with DLC to come just makes my scrotum skin shrivel. 
Taito are poo at XBLA games, they all feel so rough round the edges.
#44 Posted by jakob187 (21670 posts) -

Drew, please read this thread and quit spamming the forums.  =  P 
Also, if any of you fail to see the sarcasm in my comment, then Viewtiful Joe has something to tell you...

#45 Posted by Wes899 (2114 posts) -

I think they have the old Qix in an arcade cabinet at my movie theater. I'll have to check it.

#46 Posted by Zorena (13 posts) -

Just had to make an account for this but wasn't the original game named Styx, could be wrong and that was so great back in the day. Lately you get thrown into so much 3dgames and grandgames like Dragon:age, that sometimes a game like this is just what you need. 

#47 Posted by Daftasabat (510 posts) -

Seen better free games

#48 Posted by PrinceAshitaka (40 posts) -

I played Qix all the time on the Game Boy growing up, though I always pronounced it "quicks"... Anyway, when I saw the title of this quick look, I totally freaked out. Like, that was an instant sell to me. Then I watched it, and now I'm complely unsold.

#49 Posted by TigerDX (341 posts) -

YEEEEEESSSS Gal's Panic! Dude, without MAME, I'd never have experienced such quality titles. 
Bring on the first wave of AO XBLA games with Gal's Panic.

#50 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2834 posts) -
@dutch42: Yep....that art class game was much harder though.

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