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Just Frustratingly Bad 2

I don't buy many games on Xbox Live Arcade but when I found out Qix++ was a fancy version of Jezzbell, a game I used to waste hours on instead of doing homework, I bought it without a demo trial. Big mistake because that's $10 (800 MS Points) which I won't see again.  If you don't know the idea of the game or it's previous embodiments the screen is a grid which you can move around the perimeter of while a monster, a Qix if you will, roams about in some sort of pattern. Your goal is to draw a lin...

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Qix Plus Plus Clings to Nostalgia; Struggles 0

  Taito has finally brought Qix++ to Xbox Live arcade and for those of you who are wondering, it is indeed an interesting update that definitely hearkens back to its roots. Starting the single-player, you are immediately offered a choice between two different sections. As I began the first section and got a feel for the gameplay, that familiarity of the original Qix settled in. Playing a marker on the outer perimeter of a grid, the objective is to constantly strive to isolate the Qix, a cre...

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Get your Qix 0

QIX++ is an upgraded version of a Taito arcade classic, QIX. Conceptually the game is very simple. A large rectangle is displayed on screen. The user controls and triangular icon along the lines of the rectangle. There is an animated object, the Qix that moves within the rectangle, generally bouncing off walls. The user must cut across the rectangle (picture Tron light cycles) to create a line that would enclose the Qix. If the Qix touches your line before you close your enclosure, your shie...

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