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Quackshot starring Donald Duck is a platformer adventure game starring the main protagonist himself, Donald Duck and his three nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. Donald meets a lot of his old friends along the way who help him out in his adventures, including, Goofy, Daisy Duck, Gyro Gearloose, and even Mickey Mouse. But there are a lot of familiar faces who aren't trying to help Donald either, like Pete, even Shere Khan and Kaa who appeared in the Jungle Book.

Quackshot starring Donald Duck has a lot of references to the Indiana Jones films. Nods to the series include the telltale jacket and fedora, the title screen's font, and map transition screens. Elements from the finale of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, like the Path of God and the ancient Grail Knight, also find themselves in the game.


Each level sees Donald Duck going from left to right like most 2D side scrollers, along the way are enemies like clones of Pete, birds and even cactus's. Most levels have an overworld and a dungeon, these dungeons consist of puzzles and traps, but a big reward at the end. The first 3 levels have upgrades for your weapons, later levels have clues, like scrolls, jewels, keys, all of these are needed to find the location of King Garuzia's treasure.

Donald is equipped with a plunger gun, This has an unlimited supply of yellow plungers, these plungers are used to stun enemies so you can walk past them. In Mexico Goofy gives you the red plungers, these can stick to wall for a limited time, so you can use them to get to unreachable places. Lastly, the Viking Captain gives you the green plunger, this allows you to attach to birds so you can travel with them. Donald is also equipped with another gun with limited ammo, this gun fires popcorn and bubble gum. He can find pieces of corn and gum to refill this weapon.

Along the way are different types of food, like burgers, chicken, these give you health, hats can be found to give you a 1-up, and lastly, if Donald eats 5 chills, he will get mad and become invulnerable fora short period, he will move faster and jump high and wipe out any enemy he comes in contact with.


While Donald is looking through Scrooge McDucks books, a treasure map slips out of one of them. Donald looks at it and it's a treasure map that leads to King Garuzia's greatest treasures. Donald is overjoyed and with the help of his three nephews he starts his adventure for the treasure.

Unfortunate, Big Bad Pete over heard Donald's plan and is trying to stop Donald and get the treasure for him self.

Throughout the game Donald must travel to several locations to get new weapons and to get parts of the treasure so he can advance further.


In the end, Donald manages to defeat Pete and get the treasure for himself, in the treasure vault, is just a small statue. Donald thought there was no treasure and left empty handed, until his nephews accidental break the statue, and inside it was a shiny gold necklace. Donald gave the necklace to Daisy Duck as they fly away into the sunset.

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