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Quadrant was inspired by a letter supplied by an 'undisclosed source', written by a man called ''John Malcolm''. It vaguely details an incident that occurred during his mission responding to a substance leak at a NASA facility. The given letter reads as follows:

July 25, 1979.

Some might say we were overzealous. After a four year marathon of six manned missions, here we are again, seven years later. And for what? But they must have known something we didn't, if only they would have known how to contain it when it arrived back home. My name is John Malcolm. I was picked as apart of Bio-hazard waste removal and clean up crew. I was told I would be responding to a substance leakage at one of the classified NASA research locations. One thing they didn't mention, not until we were already inside, it wasn't a substance leakage. It was something else entirely. We weren't prepared for this, we tried to leave.They panicked. They triggered a remote lockdown on the facility. Because of their ego, their ignorance and curiosity, we are now paying the price. I only hope it's not too late. We can't let this spread.

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