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First Phase

First Form

In the first stage of the fight, Quadraxis is armed with missile launchers and annihilator beam cannons. It possesses a laser lock-on system to target a charged sonic blast, which can only be avoided with the boost ball. The boss can jump to create a firequake from each of its four legs simultaneously. Additionally, Quadraxis can spin at high speed, creating a vortex which pulls Samus toward it. This attack can be halted by shooting the boss in the base of its legs, or avoided by boosting around the edge of the arena.

Quadraxis can be damaged by shooting its "kneecaps" when they glow blue. Only one knee is vulnerable at a time (unless the boss has just performed a firequake), and the boss is constantly moving and rotating. Two super missiles to each knee will destroy it, disabling the leg and dropping energy and ammo. Pickups can also be gained by boosting through the red orbs inside each of Quadraxis's feet. Once all four legs are disabled, Quadraxis can no longer support itself. Its head detaches, and the second phase begins.

Second Phase

Quadraxis's now-disabled head floats around its crippled body. The boss can drop Dark Quads, which must be defeated individually. Quadraxis's head can still utilize its missiles and annihilator beams, as well as the lock-on system.

Head Module Shattering

Quadraxis's head module is shielded against attack by a signal projected from the disabled body. The antennae which sends this signal can only be targeted with the echo visor. Alternatively, it can be destroyed with the screw attack. Once the antennae is destroyed, the head module will be stunned, exposing three weak points. Once one is destroyed, the shield will be restored. This process must be repeated two more times. After all three weak points are destroyed, the head module's casing will shatter, and the head will careen through all four disabled legs, shattering their armor to reveal spider ball tracks, and beginning the final phase.

Final Phase

Quadraxis's Defeat

The final head module must be stunned before it can be damaged. After unloading enough rounds, the head will shudder and start drifting. Samus must now use the spider ball tracks on Quadraxis's legs to reach the head, boosting from the track to the head as it floats past. Once on the head, two bomb slots must be activated. Samus will be thrown off after the first is destroyed, and the process must be repeated.

After destroying the final bomb slot, a cutscene ensues. Samus launches off of the crashing head, deactivates morph ball, and uses the gravity boost to land softly as the head module explodes behind her. Quadraxis's body unit disintigrates, and a platform rises from the center of the Temple. Atop this platform is the annihilator beam.

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