zlindstrom's Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero (Steam) (PC) review

some new and some just eww

Nothing much just a few new levels and guns also a few new enemies but hey it is still fun...we sorta. 
IF and I say again IF your a die hard Quake fan (this is a quake 2 mission pack I just mean a series fan) then you will love this game if not then you should be a little cautious. 
You start out in lava area so be careful k? and fight your way towards the end of the level as usual 
The new guns are a bit dull nothing to new yet nothing to boring which is nice don't you think? 
It adds new levels not to many though and they could be so much better but they aren't no they really aren't 
So try the game out and love or not who knows you may find yourself lost in how bad or good but hey I am not the biggest quake fan so yea END! 

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