Favorite Quake game?

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I don't even have a count on how many hours i have spend playing Q3 at this point.
It's definitely one of my all time favorites.

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Quake 3 for me,but Quake live is so darn convenient!  

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For me, it has to be none other than the original Quake. I still don't understand why id Software made the sequels entirely different than the original Quake in terms of its settings. The first Quake is all about dungeons, monsters, dudes with chainsaws, medieval warriors, and demons. Very gothic in a sense. The sequels however involved aliens, outer space, laser guns, space stations, etc. A BIG contrast than the first game. In fact, it's the exact same concept like Doom so what's the point of making two franchises when the settings are relatively the same? 
That's why I don't favor much with the Quake sequels because to me they're all wrong. Quake 4 looks identical to Doom 3 but it's more busy and more fast-paced. They shouldn't have called the Quake sequels Quake but Doom instead. Quake should just be a guy fighting demons and monsters in dungeons whereas Doom should be a guy fighting aliens in outer space. Is that so hard to understand? Anyway, that's my opinion and plus, I'm not a big multiplayer guy so Quake III and Quake Live are bleh for me. :P

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