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Anyone care to recommend me a version of quake? Anywhere from quake 1 to quake 4, what's one that a new quake player can easily sink his teeth into?

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Quake 2. Still looks good IMO for being like 12 years old.

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How is quake 3 arena and quake 3 team arena? Those any good? Like I said, I don't know a lot about quake but I want to try to get into it.

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@NikoAlexander57:  Yeah, play Quake Live, it's a free browser based version of Quake 3.
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@SuperfluousMoniker: Ok sounds good
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This may be a little too late but I'm gonna say it anyway. My suggestion would be the original Quake 1. It's dark, scary, gory and fun as hell. I recommend getting the updated OpenGL version for better gameplay and graphics.

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Bingo. In it's early life, I was ADDICTED to Quake Live. Really fun. 
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