Now, TNT from a different perspective

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From that of a WINNER!  No, actually just from me, but it just so happens I won 2 rounds, and one of them was a full round.  My practice and preparation and years of playing Quake paid off.
So anyways, I had FRAPS running while listening to the TNT stream, FRAPs limited my framerate to 30fps and my ping to the GB servers wasn't incredible, but I still managed to beat everyone a few times.  The uncompressed videos are massive, so I think I'm just going to batch compress most of them and do a few proper to upload to Youtube.
I must say the entire GB community put up more of a fight than I expected.  I expected to either do extremely well or extremely poorly but I did just about even most of the time.  Jeff and Brad both put up really good fights, even with their nearly-on-the-server pings.  Overall it was fun times, so let us preserve those moments forever!

I will be uploading at least 1 more video of tonight's TNT, and there's another video besides the above one already on my Youtube if you're craving that much TNT.  Also, I have some classic Quake videos from 1997 if you want to watch that...
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Haha, congrats!
What graphic packs are you running? Looks spiffy.
It was nice to see Quake get some love from the lads tonight. Having never played WoW, Quake still remains one of those games I just spent all the time ever playing when I was younger. Mostly just downloading every mod I could get my hands on. Either way, my multiplayer skills weren't utterly up to par tonight, but fuck if this didn't give me a hankering for a LOT more Quake. I really hope they do a repeat one of these days and boot up E1M8 for some shits and giggles. (Or SV_Gravity 100 for whichever map tickles their fancy)

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Thanks, just using NQuake with a few settings tweaked.  Colored lights, different explosion effect... Think that's about it.  I didn't know NQuake was just a EZQuake easy setup pack before, but oh well I got it now.
Anyways, I think this'll be the last Quake TNT video I upload unless people really want more.  Will have to batch compress the rest and back them up or something.
Also, the above video still needs a little Youtube processing time before it starts lookin' OK at the time of this posting.
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Yep, that's what I saw... fast and furious, unless the server shut down. Congrats on the playtime, but man, that was fast as hell. I actually quit watching and just listened.

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Yay, I'm in those videos!

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Congrats man, I missed it due important things I had to do *cough*Starcraft 2 *cough*, but it's always nice to get more angles on the action. Quake is really crazy fast. 

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I only won one match, and I was sad me and Bellmont never managed to get in the server at the same time, brotherly pwnage averted.

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I'm sure this goes against the nature of Quake, but the game looks WAY more tolerable at 30 fps.

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nice job capturing a different insane perspective :P

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When I think Quake 1, I always remember the shotgun and grenade launcher sounds.

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and the FACE

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@Diamond: Really? That's just nQuake? Holy shit! Here I figured ezQuake had some decent settings and nice touches here and there but unless I wanted to get into some really crazy patches for the game, that kind of stuff wasn't happening. Will need to look into this. 
Yeah, the grenade launcher sounds are amazing. I also really dig the feel of the supershotgun.  
EDIT: Man. Watching that video makes me just want to go play more Quake right now. Fuck. Here I thought I kicked that habit. Anybody else keep on keepin' on with the GB servers last night?

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Yup, I totally remember seeing your name on the score board last night. Great stuff!

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Wish I was in the right time zone to have played. Sure, I could have stayed up to play, but screw that. I feel I would have done pretty good! Nice vid though, good that you won some.

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oh my god, oh fucking god, I forgot how quick quake was, fuuuuuuuuuuuck

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@Red12b said:
" oh my god, oh fucking god, I forgot how quick quake was, fuuuuuuuuuuuck "
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