Play Quake!

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Play Quake!



Or Doom! Hexen! Heretic!
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pretty cool. shame for the shareware :( 

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reminds of some site which had RtCW running off a browser completely..forgot the url for it though, but pretty cool.

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OH! You mean actually play it! I sat there and watched it for a min.

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^Lol. Yeah. Controls are wonky though, need to press left click for mouselook so fire is CTRL.

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Pretty cool, although the controls make me appreciate the keyboard + mouse setup much more. Firing with CTRL is awful, imo.

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I think it's flash to blame for that, can't have proper mouselook, it's got issues with the cursor going off the edges too (but less if you max the mouse sensitivity in options, so that you can do circles around yourself before reaching the edges). Still impressive to see such a complete port in flash.

This game is still more fun than some recent shooters...

#8 Posted by Forcen (2132 posts) -

Wow, this is pretty cool! Embeddable Quake!

#9 Posted by Willy105 (4915 posts) -

That's impressive!
But I recommend Quake Live. Much more modern!

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Oh yeah, if you want to play Doom/Hexen/Heretic and the Quake sound annoys you then press ~ to go to Quake's console and input disconnect.

Edit: Or just choose Quit in the options screen and press Y after the pop up question to confirm it.

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