Thursday Night Throwdown 08/26: Quake!

#151 Posted by Cribba (350 posts) -

Not enough bunny hopping in this video.

#152 Posted by Malc (54 posts) -

Have GB kept the server up and running like they did with TF2?

#153 Posted by Shuborno (904 posts) -
@Kaiven said:
" Had alot of fun last night. Won a couple of rounds. Looking foward to Quake 2 next week... one can dream. :) "
Oh man, I really hope so. 
That's the second PC game I ever bought.  I played it in software mode.  Multiplayer through the GameSpy client.  Good times.
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@Cribba: It's not as easy to do in quake 1 as say like quake 2 or 3 where there was room to move around haha
#155 Posted by eloj (535 posts) -

Anyone know if a mod exists where it's the usual DM, except randomly it prints out "AXE TIME!" over the whole screen and everyone is forced to use the axe for 20s.

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@atomic_dumpling said:
" That was AWESOME!  Especially the end when they upped the server count to 256 or whatever.  "
… which is missing in the archived version, it cuts out right before it. Dang, I really wanted to see that. "
There is another 8 minute long archived video that shows the end.
#158 Posted by Cribba (350 posts) -
@bellmont42 said:
" @Cribba: It's not as easy to do in quake 1 as say like quake 2 or 3 where there was room to move around haha "
It's super easy, even easier than Q2/3 because you can turn in the air.
#159 Posted by 1p (798 posts) -

Disappointed that Jeff didn't play the "Hey Piper" bass solo in the very end.

Maybe he did after the stream ended?

#160 Posted by shazb0t--defunct (77 posts) -

Hey, I have a question (or several) for everybody - please PM me if you have an answer. 
I thought that Quake still used Doom-esque movement, where up/down with the mouse made your character move up and down. How is it that the person whose screen(s) we're watching could move up and down that easily? 
And are there any other essential mods/maps/whatever I should pick up when I get this game? And if so, where are the best Quake mod sites/etc? 
Thank you so much!

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