QuakeCon 2011 - John Carmack Keynote

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John's keynote is finally up!

In case you didn't know already there is no Doom 4 talk. Oh and the Q&A section seems to be edited out. Heres good summary of the Q&A.

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I love that man

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i'm only 40 mins in, but damn he blew my mind about how efficient consoles can be, while although PC's have 10x's more power they still have to go through driver overhead which causes less than optimal performance.

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John Carmack predicts integrated graphics are the next big thing! If anyone else had said it, I wouldn't have believed it.

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Thanks for posting, I've been waiting to watch that all day,
I could listen to Carmack talk for hours.

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Listening to Carmack makes me feel smarter.

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I love hearing developers talk about ridiculous details about how their game works

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I feel like Rage will be a really good game but will make me think "Man this could have been like Half-Life 2 was a couple years ago to games if they just changed this this this this this and this"

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It also appears that RAGE will not be a STEAM release and not a Xbox Live PC release. That sucks, as I was hoping to play the PC version and get all the achievement and still play co-op with a console buddy. I didn't want to 360 version because the PC version is going to get texture mods that will take the graphics even further. 
For anyone wanting to know which version of the game will look best between the 360 and PS3, the keynote pretty much covers it. The short story is this: The 360 version looks better because it loads textures faster, so there are less instances where the textures might not look so hot. This is because the BR drive in the PS3 has a very high latency for fetching data, and Sony will not allow ID to do a full install on the PS3. Thus, you can't run the entire game from the PS3 hard drive. The 360 version will still have big issues when playing from the disk - the only way to get the 360 version to really shine is to use the HDD install option of the 360. A full install will require 20GB, ouch. However, doing the HDD install on 360 will give you the absolute best console version. Sony might allow ID to do a full install on the PS3, if they do, then both games should match up pretty close although there are still some concens about the PS3 version due to it having less RAM. There will likely be more frame dropping on PS3, and the PS3 doesn't allow for 8K by 8K textures. This means the 360 can have double the texture resolution in some places. The PS3 hardware is limited to 4K by 4K textures due to a GPU limitation.
All in all, this doesn't sound too hot for the PS3 version. Some people demoing RAGE on PS3 have commented on the texture details popping up as you turn and look around at stuff. The PC version will probably get 16K by 16K textures down the road. That is why I wanted the PC version. 
On a side note, RAGE will likely be one of those game where having an SSD really could improve the graphics since the game will rely heavily on your HDD to fetch data constantly.

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