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   Cuan met both Sigurd and Eltosian while the three of them attended military academy in Granbell. There the three of them vowed to always come to each other's aid whenever one of them was in trouble. Sometime before the events of the game Cuan is introduced to Sigurd's sister Ethlin who he falls in love with and marries. Years later, when Sigurd's home castle of Chalphy comes under attack from the barbarians of Verdane, Cuan and Ethlin, along with a knight in training, Fin, come to his aid. Cuan fights alongside Sigurd through many battles, at one point taking up his ancestral weapon, the Gae bolg spear which his wife Elthlin had been hiding from him out of fear of a curse. Cuan, Ethlin and Fin leave Sigurd near the end of his campaign in order to return to their homeland to check up on matters there and possibly return with more troops to aid Sigurd in his return to the capital of Granbell.  
    Around the time of Sigurd's final march to Barhara, the capital of Granbell, Cuan is marching to his aid across the Yeid desert along with Ethlin, their baby daughter Altenna and a large number of troops from Lenster leaving their new born son Leaf behind in Lenster with Fin. Unfortunately the group is ambushed during their crossing by the dragon knights of Thracia, an enemy nation that lies to the south of Lenster. Cuan's troops are brutally slaughtered, their horses being no match for dragons in the desert terrain. Ethlin is killed before Cuan's eyes and his daughter Altenna held captive by Trabant, the king of Thracia. With his daughter's life at stake, Cuan is forced to drop the Gae bolg and surrender and is then murdered by Trabant, his last words are "Ethlin... I'm sorry. Fin... look after Leaf..."

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