What do you think of the game so far? *potental spoilers*

#1 Posted by D_W (1421 posts) -

When I first watched the quicklook of this game I thought "yeah it really does seem just like Portal." But I bought it because I really enjoy puzzles games. Now I did a video of the early parts of the game (even earlier than the quicklook), and if you're interest you can watch that here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1g4jgAXbmHU

But once I played further into it, I found it to be very very different from Portal. It does use a lot of the same themes and is structured similarly, but the actual puzzles are quite different. Especially when you get the third dimension. I'm surprised at how much platforming is in this game. Which is kind of cool as it seems to work pretty good. I don't know if there is some soft locking system so that you don't fall off platforms too easily or I'm just some sort of savant but I haven't had much trouble with any of the jumping sections. Aside from the occasional misjump.

Also, the uncle character has soooooo much dialogue. He's almost never not talking. It's kind of amazing how much was written for him.

Are you guys enjoying it? Do you find it's too similar to Kim Swift's other works?

#2 Posted by Kidavenger (3942 posts) -

I'm enjoying it so far; there is a lot more content in this game than I was expecting for a 15 dollar game.

#3 Posted by Jedted (2680 posts) -

I think i'm close to the end of the story i'm really liking it. Deffinatly has the Portal vibe(is that really a bad thing?) but it has it's own flavor to it and the puzzles are different from what you'd find in Portal.

It's pretty awsome that they got John DeLancie to sign on for it, i wasn't that excited for the game untill i heard him mentioned in the QL.

#4 Posted by Forkstik (185 posts) -

Also liking the art style and the voice over. But some of the puzzles are seriously driving me crazy, so much that i actually quit the game. It's strange, in portal 1 and 2 i felt good and satisfied when i completed a puzzle and i just don't (currently) in this game. I'm just happy that i don't have to do that puzzle again. But hopefully that will change.

#5 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Oh shit! Is that actually out now? I preordered and forgot about it :/

#6 Posted by Jedted (2680 posts) -

@Forkstik: I've had a lot of moments like that but a lot of times the solution is so simple i have to do a facepalm after figuring it out.

I'm interested to see what kind of DLC they bring out for this.

#7 Posted by AssInAss (3098 posts) -

Anyone else notice the paintings change when you change dimensions?

Got up to where they were in the Quick Look, and they were a bit dishonest. There was quite a bit of first-person platforming before that which I liked, and the high-speed conveyor belt served as a nice chase sequence pallet cleanser between levels. If there are more conveyor belt sequences, maybe I'd hate it. I really liked the double bouncing, hope that comes up again, this is much more twitch-based than Portal at least.

The basketball stuff was SO AWESOME.

#8 Posted by gerp (244 posts) -

I like most of it there's a lot of cool stuff, but there seems to be a bunch of platforming required to get through some of the levels and I'm not like those parts very much. I often find that I get the answer to a puzzle or how to do it, but i cant seem to execute it.

#9 Posted by D_W (1421 posts) -

It does get very very twitched based, but there are moments that when you pull something off it just feels so damn cool. I'm in the fourth dimension's area currently and it's been pretty interesting. Finding all the collectables should be fun later on. The blue prints seem especially hard to find.

#10 Posted by Tarsier (1491 posts) -

i think you need to have a specific sense of humor to enjoy this game. the jokes make me nauseous. it strikes me as borderline autistic. the story and humor dont intrigue me anywhere near enough to warrant wanting to solve the puzzles, and the puzzles dont seem fun to solve on their own . so i am probably never going to play this game.

#11 Posted by awesomeusername (4544 posts) -

I guess you guys are playing on PC. Lucky buns of sitches.

#12 Posted by D_W (1421 posts) -

Humor gets better as the game goes on. I just completed the fourth area and honestly, I think I'm enjoying the game more than Portal 2. Portal 2 certainly had better humor, but it's narrative structure was too similar to Half-Life 2. Quantum Conundrum's is more like the original Portals (not surprising) and the later puzzles are quite devilishly clever and a lot of fun.

Some of the puzzles can be pretty easily cheesed though and there are a couple of other bugs I've encounters (like walls being see-through).

#13 Posted by Zaccheus (1849 posts) -

I just unlocked the fourth anti-gravity dimension and I have really enjoyed it so far. The puzzles are really fun and the platforming is also good. The controls are really sharp and just jumping between flying objects is still awesome. The humor is... childish. The dialogue delivers some nice subtle tips for the puzzles, but otherwise I don't pay much attention to it. The game is much more fun to play than Portal, but there is no story incentive to play. If you like 3D puzzle platformers this is definitely a great one of those.

#14 Posted by SmilingPig (1370 posts) -

The quicklook really killed any excitement I had for this game, I might get it on steam sale at 4,99$ in 6 months.

#15 Posted by D_W (1421 posts) -

Well I beat the game. The ending is a bit unsatisfying. The last puzzle does something interesting with the mechanics of the game, but I don't think it goes far enough.

#16 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

@Zaccheus said:

The game is much more fun to play than Portal, but there is no story incentive to play.

Haha, good one!

#17 Posted by PurpleSpandex (297 posts) -

I beat this not too long ago in ~7 hours I really enjoyed it. Some of the more timing based puzzles got a tad frustrating but overall l loved it. The soundtrack kicks ass and the game has charm.

#18 Posted by Zaccheus (1849 posts) -

@D_W said:

Well I beat the game. The ending is a bit unsatisfying. The last puzzle does something interesting with the mechanics of the game, but I don't think it goes far enough.

I agree with this. The game was very enjoyable and definitely worth the 15€, but it feels like there is more promise than delivery over all. I feel like it has great ideas, but it doesn't combine them enough.

#19 Posted by TheLastGunslinger (388 posts) -

I'm enjoying it but the game is not without faults. The controls feel off, especially the movement and look acceleration. I'm a little into the second wing of the mansion and the platforming you are required to do is a little frustrating. The puzzles themselves and overall whimsical feel of the game are very nice and a good way to relax after torturing myself with Spelunky.

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