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Quantum Conundrum Review 0

If you’ve read anything concerning Quantum Conundrum, chances are you saw the name “Kim Swift” pop up a few times. Ms. Swift, if you don’t recall, is best known as the creator of the critical darling known as Portal. But while every gaming news outlet mentions Kim Swift’s involvement with Quantum Conundrum, it’s imperative that you understand something right off the bat: This game is not Portal. Parts of it look like Portal. Parts of it play like Portal. But Portal it is not. The quicker you com...

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Swift's Latest Charms, But Never Wows 2

In August 2011, I was lucky enough to actually be in the same room as Kim Swift when she announced Quantum Conundrum at PAX Prime. Swift, the genius behind Portal, admitted that first-person puzzlers were “kind of her thing,” and that this new title would not deviate far from the successful format she pioneered. This is both Quantum Conundrum’s greatest boon and its heaviest hindrance: the familiar design is still fantastic, but it is impossible to judge the game in a pre-2007 vacuum. For all of...

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Too much platforming 1

Quantum Conundrum, a game by Kim Swift. Kim Swift was a part of making Portal and it shows through in some aspects of the game. In Quantum Conundrum you are a young boy sent to your uncle's house who happens to be a crazy scientist. When you arrive there doesn't seem to be anyone home. Then you hear your uncle start to talk to you through some communication device and he seems to be stuck in some other dimension. He guides you through these different rooms with one puzzle in each, much like oh I...

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Quantum Conundrum Review - Interdimensional Charm 0

Quantum Conundrum stole my heart within 10 minutes. There’s no doubt that it borrows a lot of its structure from Portal, but it brings more than enough new ideas to the table to formulate its own identity that sets it apart from other first-person puzzlers.You play as a 10-year-old silent protagonist who has been shipped off to his mad-scientist uncle—Professor Fitz Quadrangle’s–mansion to visit. Through a series of events, Quadrangle gets himself trapped in a pocket dimension with no way out an...

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From the genius minds that brought you Portal! 0

I'll skip the obvious comparisons to Portal since it kinda does this game a big disservice. I was somewhat intrigued by Quantum Conundrum when it was announced by Kim Swift but it wasn't until i saw the Giant Bomb QL that i was immediately sold on it.You have 4 dimensions which can manipulate at will: Fluffy(makes things lighter), Heavy(makes things heavy as well as invincible to lasers), slow-mo and anti-gravity. In some levels you will only have access to 2 or 3 of these dimensions but where t...

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Fun! 0

Just finished this game. It's not perfect, but it still is great. The only thing I hated about it is the disappointing ending(no spoilers). But it was great, lot of different puzzles and non any frustrating. The environments are great and the soundtrack is amazing. Very fun game, and I recommend it to everybody!...

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Cute but flawed 0

Quantum Conundrum is a first-person puzzle platformer hybrid from one of the creators of Portal. The player takes the role of a young child visiting their scientist uncle's mansion, and must face puzzle after puzzle when an experiment goes not-so-surprisingly wrong.StyleThe visual style and general atmosphere of the game reminded me of the Ratchet and Clank games, with a similar Saturday morning cartoon look and sense of humor. I found the game to be cute or charming at times, but never to the p...

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Quantum Conundrum Review 0

Quantum Conundrum ReviewBy: Andrew BohnenbergerQuantum Conundrum is a first-person puzzle platformer developed by Airtight Games and published by Square Enix. Kim Swift, who formerly worked at Valve as a lead designer on the critically acclaimed Portal, is the creative director of the game. Supposedly, Quantum Conundrum was the new IP that Kim wanted to work on at Valve instead of working on Portal 2. She has since left Valve and her next big IP has come to fruition. Does Quantum Conundrum leave...

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